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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


In exactly 30 days Jonathan and I will board a plane to celebrate out 10th wedding Anniversary in FL!!!!!!

I cannot WAIT!


As I mentioned in my vlog I want to do a special post each day during my countdown for my vacation. 

Day One is where we will be going!! 


We took a family vacation here in March of 2011 when Elena was just short of turning 5. I have been hoping to go back ever since. Jonathan and I had only been married a couple of months from 6 years at this point, but I remember us bantering about how our 10th anniversary would likely be spent at Universal over something like a Hawaii trip or a Cruise. It seemed more fitting to our personalities to stay in a park that revolves around geeking out on Harry Potter and Marvel!! Can I get a Nerdy Amen?!

Here we are with Hillary. She came along to help us with Elena. Lol. It was AWESOME! She was so helpful!!! We've since wised up and decided to take this trip without children. LOL. In our married life we have taken two trips without children. Our Honeymoon and our 5th Anniversary vacation. 

I look forward to it being a bit different due to a lack of kiddos, but also due to staying at a Universal Resort as apposed to a place offsite. THAT however, will be saved for tomorrow!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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