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Wednesday, April 08, 2015


For some reason Allee cries EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at about 3am. If she hasn't, it's been a treat.

Ugh. I wonder why she has such a problem sleeping.

I usually let her cry it out. I know that is not for everyone, but she consistently has no real 'needs' that have really brought me to feel like she must be taken out if bed each night. The many times I have given in and gotten her are just like "Oh! Hey Mom! Time to play!"

I just can't keep up giving her that. I struggle to function if my mornings start that early for no important reason.  So here I am. Listening for her cries. She has been off and on for almost an hour. Just enough to wake me, but stops for breaks. She then repeats it. Right now she is asleep again.

Good right?


Only prob is that I am now wired, frustrated, emotional and stressed. Not to mention I can't fall asleep because I keep hearing imaginary cries!

The part that stinks is that I have work in 2 hrs.



Well, here's hoping for some sleep.

Please Lord, Help me.


She just started up again.


Good Greif.

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