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Monday, April 06, 2015

Ugh.... I dropped the ball.

You know how I totally planned on blogging daily for my last 30 days of counting down to my vacation? Yeah. I think I've blogged three times. We are currently at 17 days until our vacation time and I just have not been motivated to post everyday. I think since the time I last posted we have had another cycle of stomach virus through our house and Elena had the Flu. We are all recovered, but it eats up my energy when things get like that. The first things to go of course are things I would do with more energy. Unfortunately, blogging falls under that list.

Yep. So here I am. Trying to pick back up where I started.

So let's get to it shall we?

What is another thing I look forward to I visit Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure?

I look forward to doing is going on the two Harry Potter park rides. I rode the one in Hogsmeade back in 2011 when we vacationed there, but I have yet to see anything in Diagon Alley. I hear the ride there is amazing. I so look forward to experiencing it.

Eeek!!! Is going to be so awesome!!

I do have a question for anyone who reads it. We are considering the kind of passes were you can jump to the front of the line instead of waiting. Anyone have any experience in using those? Is it worth it?

Ok. I need to go to bed. Have an early day tomorrow!

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