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Jewelry In Candles Review

A very nice lady from our church gifted my mother a Jewelry In Candles in the 'Naughty Or Nice?' scent.

Since our dog has been rather stinky lately we decided to burn it in our living room just to test it out. We were also kind of hoping that the jewelry would be towards the top of the candle so that we could open it up and see what it was!!
Lucky for us the jewelry was at the top of the candle!

Below is the video of us opening it up and seeing what was inside.
My  review of this candle is that it is not an especially strong smelling product. The way I see it, if I'm going to light a candle in my house I want it to be very strong. It takes forever for the scent to really be apparent. Unfortunately, that means that we probably won't burn this candle very much. Oh well. It smells nice, but it just doesn't make the impression it probably should for the price.
Thank goodness it was a gift!!
Enjoy the video and the picture of the jewelry we found inside.

Upon further …

Synergy360 Day 1 (Wk 7 Day 2 @Gym)

Today was a fantastic workout. I headed to the gym thinking that I was going to just do my usual exercises from the past seven weeks and I happened to stop by the front desk and spoke to the new trainer Paula!
If you've watched any of my videos you will notice that I have talked about meeting up with my trainer Heidi for about 2 or 3 weeks now. The only problem was she was never at the gym when I was there. Come to find out she's not coming back to the gym until next summer because she is in school. The new trainer and I decided to go ahead and give a new workout routine a try. 
I'm so happy we did!!! It was wonderful!!!
She had me do the Synergy 360. 

It is a completely different workout from what I was doing before. I'm so happy I gave it a try.

No really! This is EXACTLY what happy looks like! Haha!
I can definitely say that there is so much room for improvement. I was pouring down sweat and was very wobbly during a lot of the exercises. It will be cool to see how…

Week 7 Day 1

So excited to have gotten to week 7!!!

It's been a good day! I reached my goals in daily steps AND active minutes!! 

I am encouraged. Glad to see myself sticking with this!
Have a lovely day!!

Week 6 Day 3!

Completed my 6th week of going to the gym.
It was great. Even though I was feeling a bit emotional because of frustrating circumstances involving parenting my adorable two and a half year old that is currently going through the "Terrible Twos".

I am almost done with the back of my workout card from my trainer!!

Took some selfies too. Slow progress. 

Well, have a lovely day! Here I come week 7!

Just a smorgasbord of topics in 1 post!

1. Fireworks on my street that make Grandma think there are gunshots.
To the neighbors that started playing with firworks after 10pm on a late July night.. .. STAHP!!!!! My grandma is freaking out!
Thank you.
2. Allee's many forms of being difficult.

Golly, where do I even begin? She throws a ton of tantrums for EVERYTHING! Oh my word. She seems to always have a reason to scream it up! Frankly, I am at a complete loss. Lets see... What else? OH! She is always running away from me! l will say, "Allee, come here." She takes it as a signal to BOLT! Ugh! So frustrating. Finally, is that she gets up every night around 4am. She was moved to a toddler bed recently and is up wanting a diaper change and to be rocked. She is LOUD until I go to her door or even comes through her gate into my room. 
Anyway, I will stop there. I am exhausted just thinking of it.
3. Adventures to the Asian Market in Charleston.

We had a good time today. It was a nice little unplanned thing. Othe…

Week 6 Session 2

Got through my 2nd workout of week 6!
Feeling soooooo good!

Started week 6 at the gym!!!!

I made it to 6 weeks at the gym!!!!!
Had my first session and it felt really good. I did cardio to start with, but skipped it after the workout because I wanted to get on the hydro massage table. Honestly, I have been choosing cardio instead of going to the massage because of how late I get to the gym. I always feel guilty after a workout to enjoy the beds when I know I should get home to watch Allee. Most of the time however Allee is just fine when I get home.
Oh my goodness a hydro massage was so worth it yesterday!! So glad that I took the time to use the beds.
I definitely need to get to the gym earlier so that I can do some cardio intervals at the end of my workout. It would just end up making the whole work out a lot longer and right now I can't afford that. I also must crack down on my eating. I'm considering Whole30 although I don't think I want to be that drastic about it either. Clearly I'm pretty conflicted about it.
Anyone have any experience with Whole…

Week 5! That's a wrap!!

It's official. I finished up my 5th week of going to the gym consistently!!!!!
Haven't missed a single session for five solid weeks!
Monday starts my first workout of week 6. I just need to figure out my appetite now. I'm constantly hungry! I swear all I want to do is eat all the time. I really need to get a handle on it because I'd like to see myself not "shoot myself in the foot" when it comes to weight. I don't expect a lot of weight loss because of my thyroid, but I don't want to see weight gain because of me being irresponsible with food. Anyway, here is my video before my last work out of my 5th week.

Week 5 Day 1 of the Gym!!!

I officially made it through the 1st workout of my 5th week! So excited!!!!

Here I am after. Whew! Worn out!!

Daily Gym Vlog

Todays workout felt so good. I'm really enjoying going to the gym 3 times a week. I find that I still struggle to get my mind into going to the gym beforehand, but by the time I get there I'm definitely motivated. I just keep pushing through each day. I made a commitment and I'm glad to see I am making good on it. Today was my second workout of week 4. I'm making progress. Lost 8 pounds since I started too. Not much weight, but since weightloss is not really my sole focus, I'll take it.

Just Another Daily Gym Vlog

Today is the 1st workout of my 4th week going to the gym. Feeling great!!!!!

I totally planned on doing an after video, but my phone is at 1% and will not let me record. I'm lucky to get this posted. 
Oh well! Enjoy!

4th of July Daily Vlog

I made it a point to be productive on the 4th of July. When I woke up in the morning I put on my gym clothes and headed for my workout. I was actually surprised that I found myself so motivated. The gym was supposed to closed early so I went and had a good workout and then came home for our 4th of July cookout at a friends house. It was a great day.

Here I am BEFORE and AFTER my workout.

Daily Vlog

I thought about playing catch up from the last days of these two weeks of workout vlogs, but I decided to just go ahead and skip that and post today's blog. I started my third week of working out 3 days a week. I'm feeling great.

Why Am I Trying To Get Healthy?

I realize that I really never addressed exactly what is motivated me to change the way that I live my life. I went ahead and recorded a video talking about it. This time things are a lot more serious for me. My focus is definitely geared towards quality of life and not so much trying to get the most out of a diet. *Maria*