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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Just a smorgasbord of topics in 1 post!

1. Fireworks on my street that make Grandma think there are gunshots.


To the neighbors that started playing with firworks after 10pm on a late July night.. .. STAHP!!!!! My grandma is freaking out!

Thank you.

2. Allee's many forms of being difficult.

Golly, where do I even begin? She throws a ton of tantrums for EVERYTHING! Oh my word. She seems to always have a reason to scream it up! Frankly, I am at a complete loss. Lets see... What else? OH! She is always running away from me! l will say, "Allee, come here." She takes it as a signal to BOLT! Ugh! So frustrating. Finally, is that she gets up every night around 4am. She was moved to a toddler bed recently and is up wanting a diaper change and to be rocked. She is LOUD until I go to her door or even comes through her gate into my room. 

Anyway, I will stop there. I am exhausted just thinking of it.

3. Adventures to the Asian Market in Charleston.

We had a good time today. It was a nice little unplanned thing. Other than Allee being belligerent in the car it was fun! We also got to go to Target AND Starbucks!!!! (Que the singing angels!)

4. Cutness from Elena's .Open House at Energy Express (Reading Camp).

Elena has one week left of reading camp. School will start August 13th for her. She has ♡'d it so much!!! I am happy she got to go. I look forward to signing her up each year! Her Open House was cute. The group she is in did a play after the book The Day The Crayons Quit.

5. Why you should NOT eat Arctic Zero.

First off, it is labeled as icecream. It is more of a shaved ice. Secondly, it has ZERO FAVOR. Third, it has a yucky texture and aftertaste. So not worth almost $5. EW!!! So disappointed in this product. Most people would just buy another pint and try a different flavor to give it a chance. I can't afford almost $5 to waste every time I have the desire to try something new. It doesn't make sense for me to keep wasting my money. I'm just going to chalk this one as a failure and move on.

6. The joys of hand me down clothes!

Praise God for my friend Ering who passed down both her twin girls size 3T clothes to Allee!!!!! Yes, this means that Allee now has duplicates of everything, but it's perfect because she loves certain outfits so much and it'll be nice to have an extra of the same thing for her to wear them again. It was so exciting to be filling all the empty drawers in Allee's dresser! This is really going to take care of her for a good while!

7. My Favorite Things. Borrowed from the blog of Molly Greene!

So my friend Joe blogs too.

Check him out if you get a chance! He's the author of some great books! Anyway, he picked up a blogging idea from Molly Greene  that I really liked. She has a list of different topics for your blog to help build interest and I really liked this one. So I'm going to borrow it!

-Favorite Food
I am a sucker for great Sushi & Coconut Cream Shrimp!

-Favorite Passtime
Reading & Sleeping (as a mom I don't enough of either)

-Favorite Vacation Spot
World of Harry Potter/Diagon Alley in Orlando, FL or PCB, Florida

-Dream Vacation Spot
Bali, Indonesia in one of those awesome Cottages over the ocean!

-Favorite Memory
The way I felt the moment I told Jonathan I loved him for the 1st time. Such a great day!

-Favorite Time Of Day
Bedtime  (Any suprise here?)

-Favorite Day Of The Year
Thanksgiving  (Oh the culinary possibilities!!)

-Favorite Hobby Right Now
Cooking Clean Foods & Strenght Training!

-Favorite Book
Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley

-Favorite Movie
All the Harry Potter Movies have a special spot in my ♡

-Favorite TV Show
Star Trek - Next Generation

Well, I hope you enjoyed this looooooong post!

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