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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Started week 6 at the gym!!!!

I made it to 6 weeks at the gym!!!!!

Had my first session and it felt really good. I did cardio to start with, but skipped it after the workout because I wanted to get on the hydro massage table. Honestly, I have been choosing cardio instead of going to the massage because of how late I get to the gym. I always feel guilty after a workout to enjoy the beds when I know I should get home to watch Allee. Most of the time however Allee is just fine when I get home.

Oh my goodness a hydro massage was so worth it yesterday!! So glad that I took the time to use the beds.

I definitely need to get to the gym earlier so that I can do some cardio intervals at the end of my workout. It would just end up making the whole work out a lot longer and right now I can't afford that. I also must crack down on my eating. I'm considering Whole30 although I don't think I want to be that drastic about it either. Clearly I'm pretty conflicted about it.

Anyone have any experience with Whole30? I don't want to do a fad diet thing for myself. I have been eating clean and gluten free and I'm pretty happy with that, I think my bigger problem is getting a handle on my snackiness. I don't really think that's a word.

I'm just so hungry all the time!!

I know it's normal for someone who is working out 3 times a week. I know that it's also normal that I desire sweets too. It's just frustrating because food is such a struggle for me in the first place. I hate having to deal with it.

Okay. Rant over. Here is my vlog from before my workout.

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