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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Synergy360 Day 1 (Wk 7 Day 2 @Gym)

Today was a fantastic workout. I headed to the gym thinking that I was going to just do my usual exercises from the past seven weeks and I happened to stop by the front desk and spoke to the new trainer Paula!

If you've watched any of my videos you will notice that I have talked about meeting up with my trainer Heidi for about 2 or 3 weeks now. The only problem was she was never at the gym when I was there. Come to find out she's not coming back to the gym until next summer because she is in school. The new trainer and I decided to go ahead and give a new workout routine a try. 

I'm so happy we did!!! It was wonderful!!!

She had me do the Synergy 360. 

It is a completely different workout from what I was doing before. I'm so happy I gave it a try.

No really! This is EXACTLY what happy looks like! Haha!

I can definitely say that there is so much room for improvement. I was pouring down sweat and was very wobbly during a lot of the exercises. It will be cool to see how I am able to improve in my movements and form. I still want to do weight training, but I'm going to do Synergy 360 till I feel strong enough to take up some serious weight training excersises.

Oh my goodness. I love it!!!!! So excited!

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