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Week 11 Day 1

This morning I woke up after having Allee keep me up for almost 2 hours during the night. Needless to say I was completely exhausted this morning.

I lacked motivation to get to the gym. Instead of leaving with my gym clothes on to take Elena to school I just drove her in my PJs. Yep. Was totally too lazy to even get dressed.

I finally did come back home and got dressed, but honestly, what was I thinking?! Allee was awake which meant I didn't leave until 9:00 a.m.

Its ok, I wound up having a great workout anyway. My video from after it is below.

Leg Day =

Week 10 Day 3

Oh my word. I just accidentally deleted my vlog for day 3 of week 10! 

I totally made a video after my workout, but completely forgot that I uploaded to YouTube before taking it off of my phone. 

Instead here is my adorable daughter notifying you know of my blunder.

Week 10 Day 2 Vlog

Good workout today.
Went a lil heavy on arms. I am feelin' it!

I am happy that I feel the muscle building and the fat going away.

Yep. I am pleased.

I have been working for 10 weeks SOLID!

Guys. 10 WEEKS!

I haven't missed a session!!!!! It's been so empowering to see myself stick to it!!!

The scale is still just the same, but I have lost inches all over and have even been able to fit into some of my smaller clothes! Looking forward to what the next 10 week will bring!

Week 9 Day 3 Gym Vlog!

Hot day! Yuck!

Elena's 1st Day of 3rd Grade

I'm pretty happy. My sweet girl went to school Thursday. She had a great first day of third grade.

At orientation I got the impression that her teacher was going to be strict and serious.

Apparently however, she is very funny and the kids do a lot of laughing in her class. I was happy to hear this because I was concerned that Elena wouldn't feel the safety and excitement that she felt in her second grade class last year.
She said that they didn't have a lot of actual work the first day. Mostly the teacher familiarized her new class with how it was all going to go.
I'm happy to hear that she had a great day. Here are a few pictures.

Week 9 Day 2

Great workout this morning!! Honestly, just fantastic!

My decision to change my workouts.

Week 9 Day 1

Completed my first of 3 workouts for this week. Feels so good that I've been able to stick to it!! 
I'm telling you!! It's a darn miracle! I'm not athletic nor had I ever been inclined to work out consistently before. I've suddenly become one of those people! 
Going to the gym is now part of my lifestyle! 
I'm not quite a "gym rat", but I can see myself having a long future in fitness.
I love this.

Week 8 is done!!

Above I vlogged about how happy I have been to this whole process! I talked a lot about being pleased at how I have change perspectives when it comes to weight loss and health. 
I also included the picture that I promised.

On the left is me in Florida this April. On the right is me this week. 
It's amazing because I still weigh the same, but you can see the differences in my body after 8 weeks. All because I've changed my diet and activity level. I'm so happy. Even though I am not losing any weight I am very encouraged. 
My endocrinologist encourage me to do as much as I can to be healthy and active without focusing on the scale. I feel more okay with my thyroid affecting my ability to lose weight now than I did the day that I sat on that exam table and he told me what he did. Hashimoto's will not beat me!

Update: I totally posted these pics in my last post. Oops!!!!

Gym Vlog Week 8 Day 2

Had a good workout yesterday.

Starting to see a difference in my body. Not much weight is coming off, but I am tightening up and feeling a lot more muscular!


Week 8 Day 1 Vlog!!

Since I missed working out yesterday I did it today after work.
Normally I refuse to excersise the same day as work, but I needed the wiggle room in yesterdays very busy day.

My FAVORITE! Synergy 360!

Week 7 is DONE!

Completed my last work out of week 7. So excited. I'm officially on week 8!!
According to Jonathan finishing up week 8 will solidify that going to the gym is a serious habit in my life. I'm excited to hit this milestone.
For my last work out of the week I decided to go to the YMCA with Jonathan. I sorely missed my gym!!!
Planet Fitness is beyond better than the YMCA my poor hubby works out at. Lol.
I guess it's fine though. He is mostly there for the basketball court and for volleyball. I really missed my Synergy 360! I missed the huge variety of machines available to me.
Let's just say I've become spoiled at Planet Fitness.
Most of all I miss my hydrobed after a workout!