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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Week 8 is done!!

Above I vlogged about how happy I have been to this whole process! I talked a lot about being pleased at how I have change perspectives when it comes to weight loss and health. 

I also included the picture that I promised.


On the left is me in Florida this April. On the right is me this week. 

It's amazing because I still weigh the same, but you can see the differences in my body after 8 weeks. All because I've changed my diet and activity level. I'm so happy. Even though I am not losing any weight I am very encouraged. 

My endocrinologist encourage me to do as much as I can to be healthy and active without focusing on the scale. I feel more okay with my thyroid affecting my ability to lose weight now than I did the day that I sat on that exam table and he told me what he did. Hashimoto's will not beat me!

Update: I totally posted these pics in my last post. Oops!!!!

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