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Week 15 Day 2

The second day of going to the gym was pretty good.
I worked legs. Was pretty happy with it. Did 120 weighted squats. I did half of them with two 15 pound weights standing on the floor and the other half with a 25 pound kettlebell on a Bosu ball.
The squat challenge has been great, but its almost over so I'm already anticipating what I will do next. 
I found this beginner chart that gives me the squats I currently do on a daily basis. The end of this challenge only takes me up to 150 squats by day 30. The new one that I found yesterday but I am going to start on October 1st will take me up to 250 squats by day 30.

There is also this one that will give me variations that I can do on a daily basis. I was thinking about doing both of them.

I didn't know what each of these squats actually meant, but there is a link that I go to to teach me each one.
Squat Variations
Anyway, here's my blog from that workout.

Week 15 Day 1

I can hardly believe that I have made it to 15 weeks of working out consistently. I've been eating healthy and gluten free for that long too! It's amazing to see how my body has changed and my energy level has been impacted. I am so very happy about what  diligence has done for me. I never want to go back to being inactive. 
I have been thinking about different goals. Finding myself considering how I can best  take my workouts up a notch. Never thought I would see myself be the person that would need to tweak a work out because I've gotten stronger. I have never stuck to anything long enough to see myself get to that point. It is beyond exciting.
I was in the car the other day and was daydreaming about learning something new like kickboxing or MMA. The crazy part about it is that it is totally possible for me to do something like that. I mean, I have been active long enough to where I could see it being a definite possibility. Maybe I should take a look around in my area …

Potty Training

Today I have officially started potty training Allee. A couple of weeks ago she decided to go on the potty by herself, but has since refused to go again.

 This afternoon I told her that diapers were going "bye bye". She was upset about it at first because I was taking them away.

Truth be told she's so wilfull that unless it's her idea she hates it. This however change very quickly when she went to the potty and my grandmother rewarded her with a Hershey Kiss.

Now she is beyond excited and motivated to go to the bathroom. She did it twice in a row and got two Hershey Kisses. The funny thing is is now she is empty and cannot force anymore out. Poor child has to wait for more chocolate. LOL.

I remember hating potty training because it felt like I was trapped in my house with Elena for weeks. Eventually it did pass and she learned. In hindsight I know that the memory will definitely help me to be encouraged while I am potty training Allee.

 I am not looking forward to t…

Week 14 Day 3


Week 14 Day 2

Today Jonathan came back to the gym with me. We worked legs. Today's part of the 30 day squat challenge that I am participating in was that I was supposed to do 90 squats. I didn't expect Jonathan to do it too since he hasn't been working his way up to as many as 90, but he was up for the challenge. 

We used the Bosu ball and weights. I had two 15's and he had two 20's. By the time we were done with the 90 squats we both just wanted to lay on the floor.  (That's definitely not me or Jonathan. Just in case you were wondering.)
Right after that however, we did crunches on an exercise ball with a 25 pound kettlebell and then we did bridges on an exercise ball with a 25 pound weight.
(I should also note that I did not look this happy doing those crunches.)

We also did about 30 minutes of cardio. I'm completely worn out from the workout. It was fantastic.
We killed it!!

Week 14 Day 1

I had a pretty good time working out with Jonathan. Everytime he goes to the gym with me it pushes me so much harder. Not because he's doing much encouraging or anything like that, but because he allows me to be the one to dictate the workout. I enjoyed putting him through a hard workout because it makes me feel like I am capable of even having my strong hubby break a sweat in the gym. It's a pretty great feeling to know that I can come up with a workout routine that makes him feel like he got great exercise in!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a bigger chart. It seems you have to buy them in order to find a bunch of battle rope exercises together. I kind of wish that I could buy one and just stick it on the wall in my gym. I'm afraid however that they would take it down.

Here's the DVD my mother got me. I'm looking forward to putting it to good use in the winter time. What I need to do is get myself a Bosu ball, some free weights and some sort of ropes or somet…


I have been going strong in the Squat Challenge I started recently!

Just did Day 11 of 30. I did 70 squats.

Felt great!

Haha. I may not love them 'during', but they are worth it!!
I plan on keeping this Squat Challenge up more than just 1 month. 

I look forward to seeing how it helps change my glute and hamstring muscles.
Gotta keep workin'. Eventually I will see real results!!
Slow and steady! One gym day, healthy  meal, workout and squatsquatsquatsquat at a time!

Week 13 Day 3

It was total body day at the gym. 
Two days after leg day. 
I know. OUCH.

I felt more sore after this workout than I ever have. I am happy about that. 

I honestly thought that I wouldn't be that sore. I woke up the day after leg day feeling just a little sore. 2 days later on my next gym day (this one) I sure was! 

Overall, I am happy with this workout!

Week 13 Day 2

It was leg day. 
Oh baby. I am feeling it!

I feel it the most on stairs. 

Week 13 Day 1

I'm very pleased with my work out today. Jonathan and I went to the gym and did arms today. So glad that he was able to go with me. Its Labor Day and I wasn't super motivated to go to the gym, but having him there really pushed me to push myself.

Week 12 Day 3

Here is my 10 second clip of me doing some of my squats from the Squat Challenge that I am participating in. Granted, this is me at the very tail end of a workout. I felt so wobbly by this point that my form was awful. I felt hesitant about posting it to social media, but I did it anyway. I of course got some tips from several people about my form so I've decided to no longer post videos of myself doing squats. The criticism doesn't bother me, but it just seems to be something that concerns people more than I care for. My knees going past my toes is a big deal. I'm going to keep the videos to myself and work on my form privately. Just rest assured that I am keeping up with the challenge!!

Week 12 Day 2

Week 12 Day 1

Well. I had no idea when I posted this video or even made this video that my face was so red. I look like Bridget Jones.

Week 11 Day 3

Allees room FINALLY got cleaned. I totally meant to post before and after pictures, but I think I might have deleted them off my phone. Rest assured her room resembled that of a tornado hitting it before AND now is nice and tidy again!
Here is an update on the movie we went and saw all. I am so glad that we went afterall.  We went to see Man From UNCLE with a couple of friends and oh my gosh it was fantastic. Please don't miss this one. I had no idea it was a Guy Ritchie movie. Once I found that out I was much more interested in watching it. It was so funny! I really enjoyed myself!!!

Week 11 Day 2