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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Potty Training

Today I have officially started potty training Allee. A couple of weeks ago she decided to go on the potty by herself, but has since refused to go again.

 This afternoon I told her that diapers were going "bye bye". She was upset about it at first because I was taking them away.

Truth be told she's so wilfull that unless it's her idea she hates it. This however change very quickly when she went to the potty and my grandmother rewarded her with a Hershey Kiss.

Now she is beyond excited and motivated to go to the bathroom. She did it twice in a row and got two Hershey Kisses. The funny thing is is now she is empty and cannot force anymore out. Poor child has to wait for more chocolate. LOL.

I remember hating potty training because it felt like I was trapped in my house with Elena for weeks. Eventually it did pass and she learned. In hindsight I know that the memory will definitely help me to be encouraged while I am potty training Allee.

 I am not looking forward to the frustration that will come from accidents and her being willful or bull headed when it comes to wanting to go or not. I'm going to hang in there though. I'm going to be strong and try to make this work as well as I can.

I knew that I had to decide when I was going to potty train her and not stop once I did. The worst thing I could do is change my mind halfway through and delay her even further.

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