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Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Whatever it is that's what I am feeling. I've not had any desire at all to blog recently. 

I think that the back pain has definitely been a major factor in the drop that my personal morale has taken. 

I am not eating right, active or very social lately. I feel like I lack energy these days. Ugh. Not good. 

So yeah...

I am going to really try to actively change all of this.

I actually made a step towards this the other day when I decided to go to the gym and try doing some activity that wasn't aggravate my back. While I was able to swim of 42 laps....

 I also took a spill down some wet stairs that gave me a fist sized bruise above my left ankle and a hand sized bruise on my left hamstring.

I am thankful that my back was not affected by the fall, but it took a huge chunk out of how encouraged I was to go to the gym in the 1st place. I know I need to go back, but a little part of me is afraid of falling again. I was only planning on going to swim right now. I want to start working up the endurance for cardiovascular exercise in the pool. 

I also know it's not going to hurt me like weightlifting would. I definitely miss the exercise I was doing at my gym before, but there's no way I could do that right now. 

My best bet is the
pool right now. I'm also interested in doing the water aerobics classes. It might be a little embarrassing because I'll be the youngest person there, but I want to be exercising again.

Anyway, that's my update for today. Hoping everyone is well. Hopefully I will get to writing more consistently soon.


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