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Bulletproof Coffee Vlog (My Thoughts)

Here my thoughts on my experience. 
XOXO, Maria

Bulletproof Coffee Experiment: Day 14 & My thoughts....

Day 14 was a bust. I was up early and had everything ready for Bulletproof Coffee, but REALLY didn't want to drink it. 
I fixed it and lingered with it till almost 11. 
I knew by then it wasn't happening.
I was bored. 
Ultimately, I ate breakfast. 
Yep. Didn't even get through 14 days. 
Oh well. 
My thoughts are that while this experiment DOES work in its claims, I was bored silly  by it. 
I love to cook and missed it so much. 
So yeah.... give the experiment a try, but you may get bored. 
That is all.

Bulletproof Coffee Experiment: Day 13

Day 13 fell on a Sunday morning. 
Usually I take my girls over to the church to have donuts in the Fellowship Hall.

I fixed my coffee like usual and sat down with my grandmother to watch a sermon online during Sunday school. I tried drinking my coffee, but we ran out of creamer and it was just so bitter!

I got rid of it and skipped drinking coffee all together. I waited for lunch to start. 
There was a mission luncheon raising money for the team going to Peru. It was chicken and gravy over biscuits with carrots and mashed potatoes.

It was not something that I would have chosen to make myself because I'm trying to avoid grains, but let me tell you how delicious it was after not having anything in the morning. 
It is true that this coffee does sustain my appetite for 3 hours. Not having it and having to wait until almost 1 o'clock to eat lunch was awful.
Elena had some friends over in the afternoon after the luncheon. They played video games and then we had a cooking lesson in …

Bulletproof Coffee Experiment: Day 12

Woke up at 7:30 to take Elena to school. I waited until close to 9 to have my coffee though.
I had Allees leftover  (untouched) eggs and an everything bagel for lunch. 
Honestly, I think my bigger struggle right now is lack of prep and motivation in my grain free eating. 
Tomorrow is a new day.
2 days left.

Bulletproof Coffee Experiment: Day 11

Jonathan took Elena to school, but Allee was up. While I didn't get a chance to sleep in I did push back drinking my coffee till almost 9:30.
 I spent a good bit of time in the kitchen cooking for Allee & Jonathan. I like listening to talk radio and just thinking. I have noticed however that my thoughts are 'hungry'. Yep. All I can think about is, "When can I eat?"
I think this experience has been really successful AS LONG AS I am busy. If I sm home and around food it's a good bit MORE challenging.
Oh well.
Right at lunch time Jonathan and I had to run over to Downtown to sign out tax papers. We then stopped at Chick-fil-A. 
Ah yes! My own personal MECCA!
 I ate.  It was too much.  I was happy.  Enough said.
Jennifer here at home. We had a life group. We decided to have breakfast for dinner. There were biscuits with sausage gravy, fruit salad, eggs, turkey bacon and turkey sausage along with juice and coffee.
I made it to bed without giving in to s…

Bulletproof Coffee Experiment: Day 10

Day 10 was much like the rest. I woke up around 8am and ran around to get Elena off to school. Had my coffee around 9am.
Lunch was not very memorable.

I didn't take a picture of it. Therefore, I have no idea what it was. Yep. I am THAT forgetful.

I know dinner was at church. It was a rather unappealing meal. Unfortunately, I ate three rolls trying to fuel up for my 1st night back volunteering at church in Cubbies. It was fun to be back with the kids. I love being around them. They were so happy to see me. Some said I was gone 100 years. Others said I was gone with a cold for 1 day. LOL.

Back to Day 10's experiment.

Yeah.... I'd say I am starting to miss having food in the mornings. I will stick it out the rest of the 2 weeks, but I won't do this permanently.

Alrighty, will post again tomorrow. 4 more days!

Bulletproof Coffee Experiment Week One Thoughts

I meant to include this video on day 7's post. 

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 9

Woke up at about 8 am to Elena hugging the cat who was curled up next to me. That wasn't a big deal except for the fact that she was staring at me. (I might add that my eyes opened to this very sight about 6 inches from my face.)

Kinda like this:

I had my coffee and lasted about 3 hours before having lunch. Today was not a healthy lunch day. I had a turkey and cheddar sandwich on an everything bagel. It was magical.

After lunch I did some baking. So fun!

Dinner was great too. Made some ribs with a FANTASTIC dry rub. SO YUMMY!

Overall it was a good day except for the fact that Allee was super cranky and skipped nap. I feel like I am losing my patience or is it my sanity? Honestly, I don't have a clue.
 I know I'm going to survive these toddler years, but sometimes I forget that it's all just a phase. Well, I'll update you on how day 10 goes tomorrow!

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 8

Woke up early to take Elena to school. When I got back I prepared my Bulletproof Coffee at about 8:30, but didn't drink it all until almost 11. I had it in a Starbucks thermos that holds heat so well. 
For lunch I came home at 2 and prepared this. 

Even though I have been grain free I allowed myself to enjoy a serving of rice. It was delicious! 
For dinner I had this. It was nice because I got to enjoy it with a friend. :)

I recorded a video with my thoughts on week 1. I forgot to post it on day 7. Oops!

Sorry about the angle. Will post again tomorrow!

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 7

Day 7 went well. I woke up at 8ish and had my coffee around 9:30. Stayed full till about noon. I made a yummy lunch and cleaned a good bit in my house. 

Dinner was also nice and healthy too!

I did have a creamsicle as a snack, but NO GRAINS! Pretty proud of myself. Two days of eating them messed with my tummy a bit. Glad I didn't eat anymore.
So yeah. Day 7 was a success. I am enjoying this experiment!

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 6

The end of day 5 didn't go like I expected.  My 8 year old ran a temperature all day and I wound up putting her in bed with me while hubby was out of town. 
I stayed up late with her and and gave in to  eating a piece of cake that my mother made. While it was good it was not the way that I wanted to end my night. 
That brings me to the morning of day 6. We stayed in bed till pretty late probably about 9:30. I didn't have my bulletproof coffee till 10:30 in the morning. It was good. We spent the entire day out however so my healthy eating went out the window. I had a fast lunch of chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and ate nothing for dinner did drink two glasses of Coca Cola. Ugh..... it wasn't my strongest weekend when it comes to healthy eating. Oh well.

To top it off I had to difuse a bunch of lavender essential oils for my two cranky daughters who screamed & argued with each other while watching a movie.

I got my 3 year old down for the night and came back to my b…

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 5

I woke up early on day 5 and had my bulletproof coffee by about 8:45 a.m. 
My hunger was definitely controlled until probably about 11. At that point I started definitely feeling in stomach growling and started the process of making something to eat. Lunch was good yesterday. I love this process of knowing that my big meal is in the afternoon so I get to dedicate some energy into it. For some reason however, I didn't feel like eating a bunch of vegetables so I made myself a couple of Italian style turkey sausages with a side of avocado.

For a snack later I had halos. That worked well for me. The only problem with that was that I ate a lot more at dinner time. I roasted a whole bag of carrots and a whole bag of broccoli and ate half of that along with a tuna steak that I unfortunately overcooked so I left it on the plate. I did however make some crab wontons and chicken and vegetable dumplings that were very enjoyable.

The first time since I did the whole process that I ate grains…

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 4

Day 4 went well. I had to wake up early to get Elena to school so I had my coffee at about 8:30. 

I think hunger really hit me at about 11. Maybe even 10:30 if I remember correctly. I waited until after noon however to even have lunch. I think I struggled more with random hunger yesterday than I have the rest of this week so far. I didn't over eat by any means. I think the calorie counter on my cell phone tells me I'm supposed to have somewhere around 2600 calories. I think I had a touch over 2000, but I did feel like I spent a lot more time eating than I usually do. Just to clarify I use a food tracker on my phone. I don't actually count my calories each day. That's probably why I haven't been losing much weight. I don't really care though because my focus is cleaning up my eating. I'll get to the weight loss later. 
Anyway, perhaps it was just that I was home and more bored? I'm not sure. The good thing about it is that I have been eating healthy &am…

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 3

Today went well. I woke up late. Allee had been up at 6am and slept in a little. Elena was already dressed and off to school when I awoke to Jonathan heading out to drive her. 
I stayed in my room with Allee and let her watch Elmo. We had fun. 
I didn't have my bulletproof coffee till 10:30. Prepared the same as day 1. Meant to add the cinnamon, but I completely forgot.

I lasted till 1:30 before I started feeling hungry. I am a diehard egg eater. Since I have been sticking to just coffee for breakfast I decided to have some for lunch.

Eggs, portabello mushroom, spinach, spices, sharp white cheddar and added guac, sour cream and sriracha.
 I made a decaf to have after, but was too full to finish it.

For dinner I had a BIG fruit salad. I also snacked on some honey and peanut butter. there might have been another coffee in there too. Lol.
It was a filling day. I never felt like I was miserable from hunger.
Well, I will post again tomorrow!

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 2

This morning I REALLY needed my coffee. Not in a way I am accustomed to either. I hoped it would help wake me up.

Coffee doesn't generally have that "wake me up" affect, but after being up most of the night with my sick 3 year old I had my fingers crossed.

You see, I am a purely "for pleasures sake" coffee drinker. I don't get the caffeine headaches or withdrawal. I don't even need it for being able to function in the mornings. I don't enjoy missing a day of coffee, but it happens from time to time.

(not me, but still funny)

Anyway, my Bulletproof Coffee was great today! I was in bed till 8 and took my thyroid pill shortly after. 1 hour later I blended my coffee, butter and oil. I added my touch of creamer and some cinnamon. Oh baby. It was yummy!

By 11:15 today my stomach was growling with hunger, but I did not have the overactive belly that I experienced yesterday.  I did have the energy that I enjoyed though! So far this has been great.

For lun…