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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 2

This morning I REALLY needed my coffee. Not in a way I am accustomed to either. I hoped it would help wake me up.

Coffee doesn't generally have that "wake me up" affect, but after being up most of the night with my sick 3 year old I had my fingers crossed.

You see, I am a purely "for pleasures sake" coffee drinker. I don't get the caffeine headaches or withdrawal. I don't even need it for being able to function in the mornings. I don't enjoy missing a day of coffee, but it happens from time to time.

(not me, but still funny)

Anyway, my Bulletproof Coffee was great today! I was in bed till 8 and took my thyroid pill shortly after. 1 hour later I blended my coffee, butter and oil. I added my touch of creamer and some cinnamon. Oh baby. It was yummy!

By 11:15 today my stomach was growling with hunger, but I did not have the overactive belly that I experienced yesterday.  I did have the energy that I enjoyed though! So far this has been great.

For lunch at 12:45 I had this.

I am a bit shocked that I am lasting so long before I get hungry. I consistently crave a snack before lunch usually. Not these past two days though.

Alright, see u tomorrow.

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