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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 3

Today went well. I woke up late. Allee had been up at 6am and slept in a little. Elena was already dressed and off to school when I awoke to Jonathan heading out to drive her. 

I stayed in my room with Allee and let her watch Elmo. We had fun. 

I didn't have my bulletproof coffee till 10:30. Prepared the same as day 1. Meant to add the cinnamon, but I completely forgot.

I lasted till 1:30 before I started feeling hungry. I am a diehard egg eater. Since I have been sticking to just coffee for breakfast I decided to have some for lunch.

Eggs, portabello mushroom, spinach, spices, sharp white cheddar and added guac, sour cream and sriracha.

 I made a decaf to have after, but was too full to finish it.

For dinner I had a BIG fruit salad. I also snacked on some honey and peanut butter. there might have been another coffee in there too. Lol.

It was a filling day. I never felt like I was miserable from hunger.

Well, I will post again tomorrow!

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