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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Bulletproof Coffee 2 Week Experiment: Day 6

The end of day 5 didn't go like I expected.  My 8 year old ran a temperature all day and I wound up putting her in bed with me while hubby was out of town. 

I stayed up late with her and and gave in to  eating a piece of cake that my mother made. While it was good it was not the way that I wanted to end my night. 

That brings me to the morning of day 6. We stayed in bed till pretty late probably about 9:30. I didn't have my bulletproof coffee till 10:30 in the morning. It was good. We spent the entire day out however so my healthy eating went out the window. I had a fast lunch of chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and ate nothing for dinner did drink two glasses of Coca Cola. Ugh..... it wasn't my strongest weekend when it comes to healthy eating. Oh well.

To top it off I had to difuse a bunch of lavender essential oils for my two cranky daughters who screamed & argued with each other while watching a movie.

I got my 3 year old down for the night and came back to my bed with a bowl of mac and cheese. I'm telling you this weekend was not my favorite.

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