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Monday, March 14, 2016

Bulletproof Coffee Experiment: Day 13

Day 13 fell on a Sunday morning. 

Usually I take my girls over to the church to have donuts in the Fellowship Hall.

I fixed my coffee like usual and sat down with my grandmother to watch a sermon online during Sunday school. I tried drinking my coffee, but we ran out of creamer and it was just so bitter!

I got rid of it and skipped drinking coffee all together. I waited for lunch to start. 

There was a mission luncheon raising money for the team going to Peru. It was chicken and gravy over biscuits with carrots and mashed potatoes.

It was not something that I would have chosen to make myself because I'm trying to avoid grains, but let me tell you how delicious it was after not having anything in the morning. 

It is true that this coffee does sustain my appetite for 3 hours. Not having it and having to wait until almost 1 o'clock to eat lunch was awful.

Elena had some friends over in the afternoon after the luncheon. They played video games and then we had a cooking lesson in the kitchen. We made pepperoni rolls from scratch. What a great time.

We started Sunday night services this month too. After it, we had some friends over for about an hour to enjoy the pepperoni rolls.

1 day of my experiment left!

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