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Friday, April 29, 2016

Whole 30 Days 16 & 17

Really didn't have the time to blog both days 16 and 17 so I'm doing them together. They were both good days. 

I did find myself missing desserts and bread a little bit more strongly than I did last week. My resolve however is very strong and I feel very diligent in staying the course of eating healthy. 

I have started having underlying concerns about when I am done with this whole 30 reset and going on vacation. 

How crazy am I going to go with food? 

Will I completely undo everything I did doing this Whole 30? Will I really want to restart Whole 30 on June 1st? All these questions will be answered when I approach those moments I guess, but I am a little worried. 

Without further Ado here's what I ate on day 16 and 17.

DAY 16
Breakfast: Bacon & Eggs
Lunch: Chicken Sausage & Fruit
Dinner: Sauteed Veg & Chicken Sausage
( I ate this meal before realizing that I wasn't supposed to have corn. I am not starting Whole30 over again. I made an honest mistake and luckily it was eating what I thought was a vegetable)

Day 17
Breakfast: Chia Pudding
Lunch: Chicken Sausage & Soup
Dinner: Chicken Sausage & Fruit


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