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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Meet My Best Friend

Post #1 in this blog challenge is 'MEET MY BEST FRIEND'!

This is a tough one! I mean, do I write about my Savior? My husband?  My wonderful (late) dad? My mom? My best girlfriend here in WV? My awesome group of 'nerd night' friends (who are practically family)? My dearest friends from Georgia?

Ugh!!! Oh gosh. How do I choose?!

Ok... I am doing it. 

Taking the plunge! 

I choose....


 (here she is with her hubby David)

My best girlfriend here in West Virginia!

Bekah is amazing. I was introduced to her when we first came to West Virginia (in August of 2013) when Jonathan preached a sermon at our current church before they voted for him to officially have his job.(In some (or all, not really sure) American Baptist churches you conduct a vote for hiring staff with the congregation. I am happy to report the vote was 121 in favor and only 1 opposed.)

Anyway, after he was voted in and we concluded the Sunday services a large group of us went to a mexican restaurant in town. A couple was sitting in a booth just across the way from us. I remember their 4 adorable blonde children. I quickly realized by the shy blonde woman and the table (that periodically would glimpse over at me) that this was the family that the pastor told us about when we'd come into town a month prior for a tour of this area.

They seemed like a sweet family, but I was so overwhelmed by so many people who wanted to talk to us that I wasn't sure if we really got to say more than a couple of hellos. 

So how did we become friends? Well, it didn't take much. We happen to have childrens ages and a love for coffee in common. 

Her oldest son is about 2 months younger than my oldest daughter, her daughter is less than two years younger, and her twin boys are 3 months older than my littlest girl. They ALL became fast friends!

We did quite a bit of hanging out while both homeschooling our kids (I will talk about homeschooling later). The thing that really solidified our friendship however, was her (and her hubby David's) support after Jonathans brother Jason and my dad both passed away unexpectedly within 3 weeks of each other after our being here in WV only 3 months. 

We have been the best of friends ever since. 

I am so thankful for her. The coolest thing about this is that her husband and my husband have become best friends too. These two (and their sweet kidddos) are like family. 

So yeah... there ya go. Week 1 of my 52 Week Blog Challenge is in the books!

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