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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Meet My Family

It's Week 3 of my 52 Week Blog Challenge!

This week I am introducing you to my family. 

Let's get started. 

This is my husband Jonathan. 

He is funny, kind, hardworking, an exeptional husband and father. He is also a wonderful spiritual leader. I am grateful for him everyday.


Elena is much like Jonathan in personality. Funny, silly, perpetually happy, compassionate and smart. She has wonderful grades in school and is an avid reader. She turned 9 this week. I can hardly believe it. 


Allee is 3 1/2. She is wild, spirited, funny and very often a cranky pants. We are glad to see that she is leaving the "tantrum phase" behind. It's been going strong for almost a year now. Oh golly. It's been an interesting time for us all. 

My Mom:

Mom moved in with us in February of 2014 after my dad passed away. She is sweet, very giving and loves being a grandma. We are a lot alike. It's not always tea and roses, but we are a pretty great fit. Haha! Amazing how you become a living meme. I am definitely this one in particular. 

Mima (My Grandmother):

(Yes, that is one of my many mugs.)

Mima (her name is actually Elena) also lives with us. She was living with my mom and trasitioned to our house after my dads passing too. She taught me to cook. To this day we talk about how I watched her in the kitchen. Now she watches me. It's great!



As you read through this 52 Week Blog Challenge I think you will learn quite a bit about me. I am pretty much summed up by my love for my Savior Jesus, Family, Food, and my various Fandoms. 

Ok. That's a wrap for week 3! 

See you next Saturday!

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