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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Favorite Things

This weeks 52 Week Challenge post is 'My Favorite Things'. 

Now, we're talking about 'things' right? NOT people or places? 

Yes. That's right. 

 I totally just had that conversation with myself. 

Yes. It's normal. 


Ok. Glad we got that covered. 

Here is my list:

Coffee (Coffee Mugs)

I am Cuban. If there is anything you should know about Cubans is that we love our CafĂ©.

I am much like every other member in my family. I have been in love with coffee since childhood. My earlist memory is of me being kneehigh to my grandmother, tottering over to her and begging for coffee. She then took my pacifier and dipped it into her espresso. BEST MEMORY EVER. 

I am sure some are appalled that I consumed coffee at such a young age, but it's very cultural for Latinos. So yeah, aside from the occasion twitch I am just fine. J/K

So... ever need to get me a gift? You will ALWAYS be safe with a bag of STRONG dark roast coffee beans or a fun mug. Easy Peasy!

Cooking & Baking
I started leasrning to cook as a young one. I spent countless hours over the years in the kitchen watching my grandmother cook. It wasn't however, till I was 15 when she moved out into a cute little senior living apartment for a couple of years that I ever tried cooking. I remember my first flub. 

I distictly remember these. They were in the pantry and I wanted to make dinner before mom got home from work. 
I attempted them and they turned into what I tried to pass off as "potato soup". I never lived that down. 

I am exponentially better at cooking and baking now, but it took practice. I love it. It's my biggest hobby. I've got the extra pounds to prove it. Here are just a few of the things I have made over the years. 

Smart Water
Seriously! I love this stuff. Since Whole30 and Paleo have come into my life I have become an addict. 

Last year Jonathan and I went to Universal Studios for our 10th wedding anniversary. We tried out this place called CowFish. HOLY MOLEY!!!! I mean, I looooooove sushi, but this was WONDERFUL!! It is delicious. 

Yes. I take pictures of just about EVERYTHING I eat. Don't judge. 

The BIG screen on my cell phone.
I have a NOTE4. I used to have an iphone, but I hated it. The screen was tiny. I totally dig my phone now. It's wonderful for taking pictures and watching videos or movies. I use it for reading books too.

Instagram (CatMansWife)
So much fun! It have enjoyed this particular app a lot! If you do follow me on there just let me know that you did it from here. I am not a huge fan of random creepy people that I don't know in 'real' life. 

Snapchat (Mariakins)
Same as above! 
This app is great for talking to my friends through out the day! LOVE IT!

Star Trek
I am a diehard Next Generation fan. Ah yes, Picard and Riker were major crushes for me. LOL. Don't laugh. 

(too funny not to post)

Dr Who
Personally my favorite Doctor was #9. Yep. Chris Eccleston.
Honestly, he is the guy that pulled me into watching the show in the 1st place. I know everyone is "gaga" over David Tenant and Matt Smith, but this guy really was my favorite! Looking forward to 2017 when the newest season comes out with 12 and his new companion!

Harry Potter
What is there not to LOVE about Harry Potter?! (Well, if you ask my mom "A lot!") I was introduced to the books in early 2003 and I have been a diehard fan ever since. Last year I took my 2nd vacation to the World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL. I would gladly spend EVERY single vacation there if I could! 

My favorite author is Robin McKinley. She likes to retell classic fairy tales. I like the fantasy genre. It's my go to. 

My alltime favorite book is Rose Daughter. Check it out!

Alone Time
I am a stay at home mom. I have a very energetic, often cranky 3 1/2 year old that is just now leaving the "tantrum phase" after almost a full year. You get the picture. 

I can't help it. I love her.

Ah yes. The GLORY of binge watching any show I want. It's wonderous! (Well, except for when I fall asleep at 4 and have to be up before 7:30, but I digress.) I am currently rewatching Roswell and Merlin. I love repeatedly watching Buffy, Fraiser, Angel and Star Trek Next Gen and a few others.

There you have it. My favorite things. I am sure there are more, but I feel this is enough for 1 post! See you next Saturday!

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