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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Whole 30 Day 28 (Mother's Day)

I decided after breakfast that I wasn't photographing my food for the day. Just wanted to take a break. 

It's been nice. I tried a bite of something with BBQ sauce on it today and it tasted CRAZY sweet. Ugh. I have definitely gotten used to a healthier diet. Well, at least my palate has. 

Otherwise, I have stayed the Whole30 course. It was all good stuff. I grilled burgers and uncured hotdogs for my family. We enjoyed a yummy "Burger & Hotdog Bar". Had plenty of goodies to go all over everything. Ate my burger and hotdog on lettuce. It was delish. Also cut into a watermelon and pineapple. What wonderful sweet goodness!!

Yep. Mother's Day was great!


Cream & Sugar?