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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Whole 30 is not for the weak. Lol.

So.... as much as I want to continue Whole30 I just can't until after we get back from vacation. We leave Friday. While I think I would eat all of the of my purchased foods, I can't leave a bunch of leftovers behind while I am out of town for a week. 

Just don't want to waste the $$. 
I will adress this topic in my Whole 30 Review post!

Anyway, I am eating as normally as I can without my tummy freaking out on me. 
By the way, my tummy MAJORLY hates when I eat dairy. I have had it two or 3 times and each time it's AWFUL! 

So yeah.... stay away!

I am going to post about my overall impression of Whole30, but it really made an impact on me!

I will start my 3 week Whole30 reset on the 28th when I get back from vacay. 

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