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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Whole30 Day 30

It feels as though I've lost a little bit of my momentum. I didn't take any pictures today food was simply because I was unmotivated and didn't really feel like eating healthy. 

Of course it did it anyway, but the feeling to eat badly was definitely hard to escape. I was more tempted today than I have been in a while. I wanted to eat everything! 

I actually picked up a donut and threw it back down before realizing what I was doing. This is kind of thing that I didn't expect to be struggling with after 30 days of Whole30. While my skin, hair and energy levels are better. I do think that I have to continue this life style to really read and see apparent benefits. I don't know if I've lost weight because I decided to add an extra week to my Whole30 program. While today would have been my last day I actually have another seven days to go. It's going to be really hard. 

I feel if I can get through the next 7 days & be Paleo that I will see success in improving my health. I do look forward to  Paleo 90/10 approach. One thing with paleo that I am not going to honor is the lack of potatoes. I enjoy them so much in my regular diet right now that I don't want to get rid of them. I do also think that I will allow myself to have honey in my coffee and the occasional glass of wine. Other than that I plan on sticking to paleo. Yep. I'm struggling today.

Wish me luck. 

7 days to go.

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