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My Childhood Memories

I gotta say. I am finding this challenge a bit more difficult than anticipated! 

This weeks topic is childhood memories. I will talk about 2. 

#1. My earliest memory.

Coming from a Cuban family it's fairly normal to give kids coffee. Yes, I know that people have a major problem with that, but I am not here to debate. I am just relaying my earliest memory. Not hate please. 

Anyway, I remember having a pacifier in my mouth and tottering over to my grandmother who happened to be drinking her espresso. I handed her my pacifier and she dipped it in for me and handed it back. I don't remember anything else, but I do know that my love for coffee runs deep. I have always been a coffee drinker as long as I can remember. 

#2 Being the middle sister = constantly getting stuck in between my sisters when they would fight.

My older sis is 3 years older than me and my little sis is 1 year younger. They got along horribly most of the time. I constantly got sucked into their fights. Mostly because t…

10 years from now......

Wow. This is a hard post.
10 years from now I have no real idea where I will be! Just an impression of where things might go if we stay where we are now. 

I mean, as a mom in my 30's with two kids I don't exactly dream of the future like I did when I was in college. Right now we are in the center of the 

"Potty Training Allee Universe"

preparing Elena  for 4th grade. 

Summer vacation is great because I can do some decompressing and reading. I notice that during the school year I don't read as much as I would like to. Now that it's summer I can finally indulge in some good books. 

So yeah... back to "10 years from now..."

This is REALLY going to take some serious thought. 

Well, the obvious thing is that I will be 43 years old. My girls will be 19 and 13 1/2. 

So.... presumably Elena will be in college & will likely be living on campus or home for the summer after her 1st year of school. Allee will be 13. If she is anything like now we'd better BU…

My Favorite Holiday

This week I am going to talk about my favorite holiday. 
Let's get right to it. 
My favorite holiday is...... *drum roll*

For those of you who know me as a foodie you'll know that this is a FAVORITE day for me? Why? 
Well, FOOD of course! 
Yes, I am thankful for the MANY blessings poured into my life, but I try to live that out daily, not just every 4th Thursday in November. 
This is why I am unashamedly personifying this line.

LOL. Thanksgiving has it's traditional dishes, but I always like to dream of jumping whisk first out of the box. 
Do I ALWAYS create all sorts of fun and different dishes?
Well, no. 
We tend to fall back on many of the classics because of their popularity, but that is just fine by me! I donn my apron for what feels like 12 straight hours and scramble around preparing for 6-20 people. It's varied year to year. We make it a habit to open up our home every Thanksgiving to those in our church who do not have family in town. It's a great way to show people…

Whole 30 Review

I think I did a fairly thorough job vlogging my thoughts. 
I'll not be writing much here. 
1 or 2 things though! 
This is the WHOLE 30 criteria. I blanked on most of it in my video.  Also, I will also eat corn. You'll get this when I start talking about 90/10 and potatoes. 
Ok! That's it!