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Saturday, June 11, 2016

10 years from now......

Wow. This is a hard post.

10 years from now I have no real idea where I will be! Just an impression of where things might go if we stay where we are now. 

I mean, as a mom in my 30's with two kids I don't exactly dream of the future like I did when I was in college. Right now we are in the center of the 

"Potty Training Allee Universe"

preparing Elena  for 4th grade

Summer vacation is great because I can do some decompressing and reading. I notice that during the school year I don't read as much as I would like to. Now that it's summer I can finally indulge in some good books. 

So yeah... back to "10 years from now..."

This is REALLY going to take some serious thought. 

Well, the obvious thing is that I will be 43 years old. My girls will be 19 and 13 1/2. 

So.... presumably Elena will be in college & will likely be living on campus or home for the summer after her 1st year of school. Allee will be 13. If she is anything like now we'd better BUCKLE UP! I am guessing she will have some tough teen years to parent.

Hmmmm.... Jonathan and I will be celebrating out 22nd wedding anniversary about this time too. How cool! 

est. 5/21/2005

What else? I mean, we will still have a child at home so it's not like we will have much by way of traveling planned. Other than local family visits that is. 

Hmmm... I honestly have no clue what else to write. I have no idea what the next 10 years will bring. Yep. I will just wait and see. 

Hoping that you are well, 

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