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The 1st time around (2 years ago) I enjoyed it about 85-90% of the time. Elena was in 1st grade and excelled in her studies. This meant that when she did struggle it was due to boredom. You see, once she got through all subjects other than Math she would get unmotivated. I tried several methods to make Math more interesting, but completing her math work was a NIGHTMARE. Math was the last subject we completed that year. It was like pulling teeth to get it done. I tried starting the day with it, doing it last, eliminating as much paperwork as possible, but no matter what she just hated when we had to cover this particular part of the school day. Needless, to say she LOVES not homeschooling. Math is still a struggle for her, but she is an excellent student and being in a classroom setting really works so well for her!
Oh Memories! Elena's 2013-2014 School Year....

Allee is in PRE-K. I started homeschooling her for this year. Most of my approach is "Fun & Play". It's g…

10K Training Day 1 Week 1

Today I started 10K training!

I ran a 5K years ago and really wanted to pick it up again. I considered doing another 5K first, but was much more jazzed about the idea of doing a 10K instead. That was all the motivation I needed!

Not that I am even REMOTELY much of a runner. Can't even say I am much of a jogger. 
How do I say this?
I am slow. 

This has nothing to do with my perception of my body or weight or anything. It's just that I run like a winded rhino. 
Like a turtle who took a Valium. 
Like molasses creeping up a frozen hill. 
If I went any slower I'd be going backwards. 

Oops... Sorry. You get the point. 
I'm working on that. 
I figure I will concentrate on building endurance for a run and then work my way up to focusing on times. I also need to work on form. I mean, I'm no Pheobe from friends, but my form could use a little work. Any tips?

So yeah, I am schlepping my way through this, but at least I am doing it. Pretty happy about that! 
Well, I bette…