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Friday, August 05, 2016

10K Training Day 1 Week 1

Today I started 10K training!

I ran a 5K years ago and really wanted to pick it up again. I considered doing another 5K first, but was much more jazzed about the idea of doing a 10K instead. That was all the motivation I needed!

Not that I am even REMOTELY much of a runner. Can't even say I am much of a jogger. 

How do I say this?

I am slow. 


This has nothing to do with my perception of my body or weight or anything. It's just that I run like a winded rhino. 

Like a turtle who took a Valium. 

Like molasses creeping up a frozen hill. 

If I went any slower I'd be going backwards. 

Oops... Sorry.
You get the point. 

I'm working on that. 

I figure I will concentrate on building endurance for a run and then work my way up to focusing on times. I also need to work on form. I mean, I'm no Pheobe from friends, but my form could use a little work. Any tips?

So yeah, I am schlepping my way through this, but at least I am doing it. Pretty happy about that! 

Well, I better go. Need to get dinner made for the fam. Have a lovely day!

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