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Catching Up

I haven't really been very consistent with blogging lately. Don't know why in the world I am so unmotivated. Let me tell you, I have just not wanted anything to do with sitting down and typing on my computer! 
I started using Jonathan's MacBook last week and I am so happy to find today that it has a dictation feature!! Yes, I have to talk a little more slowly to make sure it catches all of my words, but that is no big deal. I already dictate everything through my phone. It's so nice to know I can do it on the computer as well! 
In this post will catching you up on three things. First off is my diet and exercise routine/progress. The second is church life/ministry and finally is our new step of faith in Elenas education.
First off; 
Gym and eating healthy have been rough. I just haven't stuck to either. 
I started out pretty darn motivated to go to the gym 3 days a week, but it just stopped. I just need to keep doing it and work for the results. I know it's going to …