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Reflecting on the holiday season.

I absolutely love the holidays. I love the cooking, the opportunities for hosting get-togethers, baking, and of course the eating of the food was baked & cooked! I absolutely love all things culinary and it isn't a surprise that the holidays are one of my favorite times of year. 

Finally got through Thanksgiving and it was great. In the month of November we hosted three thanksgivings and enjoyed one at our church. That was four Thanksgivings this year! Three of which I did quite a bit of cooking for. Good golly it was fun, but exhausting. The first of these Thanksgivings was for our friends. I haven't attended many of these "Friendsgiving" dinners and have never hosted one, so I was pretty excited about the prospect of enjoying time with a few of my favorite people. Unfortunately, not everyone we hoped would come was able to make it, but it was okay. It was a great time and everyone enjoyed bringing their special side dishes and sharing with each other. I can'…