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Overwhelmed by it all.

I homeschool Elena (5 days a week), Pre-K Fun & Play with Allee (2 days a week; wish it were more), laundry & clean (not as often as needed), wrangle Allee (feels like every 5 minutes), host bible study (2-3 Thursdays a month), teach or assist in Children's Church on Sundays, teach AWANA (Sparks) on Wednesdays, attend The Marriage Course on Friday nights, attend LifeGroup (2 -3 Sundays a month), Gym (2 days a week; NEEDS to be more), host sleepovers and playdates for the girls, run all kinds of errands for my mother & grandmother, cook, add on trying to find time to be alone with Jonathan and lately I am VERY OVERWHELMED by it all. Honestly, I have probably forgotten something in there. Who knows.... 

Anyway, I am just feeling a bit stretched lately. My thoughts are all over the place. I find myself  constantly in a state of worry and impatience. I am snippy. So very snippy. 

Why have I been this way? Well, I really think it's been me worrying about homeschooling. We…

Mood of the Day?

Yeah... I won't even talk about it. It's been that bad.