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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Overwhelmed by it all.

I homeschool Elena (5 days a week), Pre-K Fun & Play with Allee (2 days a week; wish it were more), laundry & clean (not as often as needed), wrangle Allee (feels like every 5 minutes), host bible study (2-3 Thursdays a month), teach or assist in Children's Church on Sundays, teach AWANA (Sparks) on Wednesdays, attend The Marriage Course on Friday nights, attend LifeGroup (2 -3 Sundays a month), Gym (2 days a week; NEEDS to be more), host sleepovers and playdates for the girls, run all kinds of errands for my mother & grandmother, cook, add on trying to find time to be alone with Jonathan and lately I am VERY OVERWHELMED by it all. Honestly, I have probably forgotten something in there. Who knows.... 

Anyway, I am just feeling a bit stretched lately. My thoughts are all over the place. I find myself  constantly in a state of worry and impatience. I am snippy. So very snippy. 

Why have I been this way? Well, I really think it's been me worrying about homeschooling. We have not made the progress in Elena's schooling that I had hoped we would thus far. I swear if we leave the house for any errands our whole school day is toast. In between all the demands of my day to day life and Elena's CONSTANT lack of motivation, I am at a LOSS. Elena isn't motivated to do much independent work. I mean, she will do it, but it's like she moves in 

It's awful. She can barely get through a section of curriculum without getting distracted or bored. It's rough because I have to hover over her and everything else suffers. I don't clean house like I should and don't spend time with Allee. Homeschooling Allee has gone out the window because of this. I just can't teach them together and leaving Elena means she isn't getting her work done. This is so frustrating. I mean, I love the freedom that homeschooling has blessed us with, but how worth it is it? To tell you the truth if it doesn't change before the school year is out, we aren't homeschooling again. 

I am sure I am not the only person dealing with this. Right? I mean, most of my homeschooling friends seem to be made for this! I have attended Co-Op the last 6 weeks and the ladies there seem to have such successful homeschooling lives. I feel like I am ill equipped for this venture. 

I'll keep trying anyway. Just Keep Swimming! Gotta make the best out of it, right?

Keep me in your thoughts. I know this isn't the most critical situation to be in. I will be fine. Just feeling so overwhelmed. It'll pass. 

Until then, 

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