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My goodness. A post about my vices. This is going to be fun (and humbling). 
Anyway, here is some context.
 In the past 3 years Hubby & I have been trying to get healthy. He lost 30 lbs in the 1st year and has kept it off and I have gained about 10. I'm guessing you can probably tell how the whole endeavor is going for me. 
Honestly, I have no idea what my problem is. I want to get focused and really into health and fitness, but I am so unsuccessful. In the past year especially I have been so unmotivated! I compromise in the smallest of places and that has ballooned into a lifestyle of not eating right or being active. I am the heaviest that I have ever been in my life. (Well, I was about 10 pounds heavier at 9 months prego with my oldest daughter, but lets face it, that just makes things feel a thousand times worse.)
 So.... what have been my vices? 
My addiction is real. I mean.... I don't have more than 1 in a day, but I think about it a lot. LOL. I just don't give …

10 Photos of Foods/Beverages I Don't Enjoy & Why

(none of these photos are mine. I Googled them.)

The idea for this post wasn't actually mine at all. It was my daughter Elena's. She suggested I take last weeks post and just flip it. 

Honestly, I'd like to think of myself as a person that is not picky, but alas I am. This post may not be too hard for me to complete. I'll let ya know if it was. 

So the first item would have to be tomatoes. At least, tomatoes that are uncooked. I can't stand the squishy & wet texture of a slice of tomato. I can totally dig them roasted, sauce and even thinly sliced and baked on a pizza or focaccia, but I can't handle the taste of a tomato when it is uncooked and fresh off the vine. It's just texturally wrong for me. *shudder*. Just giving a thought to the texture in my mouth gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Sweet Tea is one of those drinks you either love or hate. Personally I can't stand it. I managed to learn how to make a pretty good Sweet Tea while living in Georgia…

10 Amazing Food & Beverage Photos & Why I Love 'Em

Let's face it. Not every one of my posts will be deep and meaningful. Not that they are normally. Today however centers around these "yummies". Yup. I used the word "yummies". No judgements. 
Let's get started. (Clearly these are not all my pictures. I Googled them. I labeled the ones I did take.)

Ah yes, coffee. Shocker I know. *wink wink* I am guessing by the title of my blog this first picture doesn't even remotely surprise you. Yep. I have had a love affair with this stuff since toddlerhood. In my very earliest memory I was at my grandmothers knee begging for my pacifier to be dipped into one of her many daily cafesitos. Yes, coming from a Cuban family it is totally normal and even expected for a little one to consume sips of espresso here and there. It was frankly a right of passage. Cafe con Leche was a staple in my mornings for years. 

I take my coffee a bit stronger nowadays, but my daughters are just as Latina as I was growing up and greatly en…

Getaway Time

In two days my family and I are packing up a rental car for an extended weekend away! 


Guessing you have a general idea about how I feel? Yep. I am pretty ready. Not that things have been so bad at home or anything. Other than the stressors of homeschooling my "barely motivated" student and having a mile long to-do list, all is well. Ok... It's been rough. I need a break. (see this post for what I mean) Unfortunately, E will still do some school while we are gone, but not so much that we will keep from having a good time. It's fine. 

Yes, Steve Harvey. EXACTLY. 
The perk is that I don't have the rest of my usual To-Do's for a few days. It'll be nice to have a break from it all. 

 Like I said in my last post I have a blessed life and it could be MUCH WORSE, but I feel myself getting a bit burned out. Hence, I am ready for a reprieve. 
Now I just need to pack for the 4 of us. I will NOT procrastinate..... I hope. 

Oh boy. Wish me luck!