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10 Amazing Food & Beverage Photos & Why I Love 'Em

Let's face it. Not every one of my posts will be deep and meaningful. Not that they are normally. Today however centers around these "yummies". Yup. I used the word "yummies". No judgements. 

Let's get started. (Clearly these are not all my pictures. I Googled them. I labeled the ones I did take.)


Ah yes, coffee. Shocker I know. *wink wink* I am guessing by the title of my blog this first picture doesn't even remotely surprise you. Yep. I have had a love affair with this stuff since toddlerhood. In my very earliest memory I was at my grandmothers knee begging for my pacifier to be dipped into one of her many daily cafesitos. Yes, coming from a Cuban family it is totally normal and even expected for a little one to consume sips of espresso here and there. It was frankly a right of passage. Cafe con Leche was a staple in my mornings for years. 

I take my coffee a bit stronger nowadays, but my daughters are just as Latina as I was growing up and greatly enjoy a Cafe con Leche in the mornings. It's not for everyone, but it's the culture I grew up in. 


Ok... Anyone who knows me is aware that I have a STRONG love for sandwiches. Especially a panini. YUM! I just adore a melty cheese surrounded by a crusty bread. Mmmmm... My favorite would have to be ANY with pesto. Yep.... I need to make one soon. 


Sushi! Oh golly. I just adore this stuff. I can't get enough of it!!! I am blessed to have married a man who also enjoys it. Jonathan and I make it a point to often try new sushi places together. It's wonderful. 


I am a wine enthusiast. I like my wine, red, dry, fruity & nutty. I like learning about it and exploring local vineyards. I'd like to frequent tastings in my area, but unfortunately since we moved from the greater Atlanta area a few years ago it isn't as available. My goal is to do more of this in 2017. I'd like to nuture my wine hobby a bit more. 


(I took this pic back in April of 2012)

Homemade pasta & sauce is one of those things that was not really on my radar until a few years back when I managed an Italian restaurant that made EVERYTHING from scratch. I got to learn how to use a HUGE pasta machine and everything. It was wonderful.
(Here is the machine I used and my teacher (Brian))

 I miss the food so much. I would never go back to working in a restaurant, but I do miss the food! LOL. 


I often bake bread. Finding a picture was not difficult as I obsessively photograph every loaf I make. Yep. Laugh it up. I am just going to butter myself up a slice while you do.  


Hummus from a small Lebanese place in our town. OH MAN. Our entire household is in love with this stuff. No going wrong with this deliciousness. 


I love anything that I can eat with chopsticks. Seriously, I will eat anything I can with chopsticks, but my all time favorite is Pad Thai. I just cannot get enough. I recently went out with Jonathan for sushi and ordered this instead. It was HEAVEN. 


When we moved I worried that we wouldn't find many places that would be as diverse in its food and confections as the greater Atlana area, but I have been pleasantly surprised! Locally there is an amazing place called Holl's Handcrafted Swiss Chocolates. I absolutely love their Whiskey Truffle. It's dark chocolate with a lovely dark chocolate whiskey infused mousse. Oh my! I prefer dark chocolate as it is a bit more bitter and rich as it's milkier counterpart. Yum!


Ok. I know I just said that I like things that are bitter and rich, but when I do eat something sweeter I enjoy it having a touch of salt. Yep. Salted caramels are my way to get my sweet & salty fix. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I am now VERY hungry. Time for a snack. Hmmm.... I wonder what I'll have! 

Wish me luck,


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