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Saturday, March 18, 2017

10 Photos of Foods/Beverages I Don't Enjoy & Why

(none of these photos are mine. I Googled them.)

The idea for this post wasn't actually mine at all. It was my daughter Elena's. She suggested I take last weeks post and just flip it. 

Honestly, I'd like to think of myself as a person that is not picky, but alas I am. This post may not be too hard for me to complete. I'll let ya know if it was. 


So the first item would have to be tomatoes. At least, tomatoes that are uncooked. I can't stand the squishy & wet texture of a slice of tomato. I can totally dig them roasted, sauce and even thinly sliced and baked on a pizza or focaccia, but I can't handle the taste of a tomato when it is uncooked and fresh off the vine. It's just texturally wrong for me. *shudder*. Just giving a thought to the texture in my mouth gives me the heebie-jeebies.


Sweet Tea is one of those drinks you either love or hate. Personally I can't stand it. I managed to learn how to make a pretty good Sweet Tea while living in Georgia, but I cannot handle drinking it. It's just gross. I don't get drinking tea cold and sweetened with sugar. I've always associated tea as a comforting drink that I consume while sick with a cold. Sweetened with honey and a little bit of lemon  while I am wrapped in blankets. Cold Tea in a glass with ice on a sunny day? The idea of drinking tea isn't he most "thirst-quenching" thing for me. I know a lot of you Southerners are thinking I'm insane, but I just can't stand Sweet Tea.


Iceberg Lettuce. 
This stuff frustrates me. I mean, I will eat it on a burger, but I'd rather have arugula or even spinach. If you've never had these greens on a burger before, try it! You'll thank me. Anyway, iceberg lettuce is disappointing. It's just water and doesn't have much going for it. 


Cucumbers aren't my favorite for some of the same reasons as iceberg. It's just not very tasty to me. I can't get into them. 


Ugh.... This stuff is nasty. It tastes bad and smells worse. I cannot stand it. That is all.


White Chocolate 
This stuff is gross. It's sugary and has no dimension in its flavor profile. It's too heavy and leaves a funky film in my mouth.


Sparkling Cider
I will never be able to get into this stuff. I know it's a typical go-to for New Year, but. I don't enjoy it. Again, the sweetness factor is a bit much for me. I tend to toast in New Year with water or something else. If I am given a glass of it I have a small sip and just hand it over to my hubby.


Chocolate with fruit flavoring.
Gross. I can't understand why chocolate should be infused with fruity notes. Icky. It's not for me. 


Pickles have never been a friend. I just don't enjoy an overly briny experience on my palate. Add to that the fact that they are Cucumbers and I just can't deal. 

Any hot peppers. Yup. I do not tolerate heat well. Nope. I'm a wimp. Nuff said. 

Well, that's todays post. Wasn't too hard to put together. 

What foods do you dislike?

Welp....See you next Saturday!!

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