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Monday, March 06, 2017

Getaway Time

In two days my family and I are packing up a rental car for an extended weekend away! 


Guessing you have a general idea about how I feel? Yep. I am pretty ready. Not that things have been so bad at home or anything. Other than the stressors of homeschooling my "barely motivated" student and having a mile long to-do list, all is well. Ok... It's been rough. I need a break. (see this post for what I mean) Unfortunately, E will still do some school while we are gone, but not so much that we will keep from having a good time. It's fine. 

Yes, Steve Harvey. EXACTLY. 

The perk is that I don't have the rest of my usual To-Do's for a few days. It'll be nice to have a break from it all. 

 Like I said in my last post I have a blessed life and it could be MUCH WORSE, but I feel myself getting a bit burned out. Hence, I am ready for a reprieve. 

Now I just need to pack for the 4 of us. I will NOT procrastinate..... I hope. 

Oh boy. Wish me luck!

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