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Fun weekends!

Last weekend our church went on a trip and experienced some pretty stellar sights! We traveled to Kentucky for the 2nd time to visit the Creation Museum
It is just so amazing!! 

When we visited in May of 2014 my girls were so much smaller!  (Elena on the left was almost 7)
(Here is Allee with my father in law. She was about 1 and 1/2 yrs old)
Here we are in 2004
Here we are this weekend!
They also hadn't started construction on their new exhibit The Ark Encounter. It opened last year and we finally got to see it! WOWZA! It was incredible!
The BEST part was that my father in law always flies up to WV to be with us on these trips! Here are a few pictures of our trip! I posted a ton of Snaps too. Too bad they don't last longer than 24 hours. 
We took 38 people from our church!
I was in the fun bus. These were the most active and excited little girls. 
Allee stayed with her grandpa the WHOLE trip. They were two peas in a pod.
My main squeeze with a new little friend. The penguin looks like …

My Take on the Pros & Cons of Homeschooling

I am sure this goes without saying, but the following is my personal take on Homeschooling. I am not a professional by ANY MEANS. This is only my 2nd year at it. Therefore, all my opinions should be considered just that; OPNION. No getting offended by anything I write please! A lot of people aren't in a place where they can homeschool their kids. That's just fine. Over time and with more experience I am sure that my views may change a bit. Either way, it's not personal folks! Ok. Let's get started.

Pros List
FREEDOM!It can be so fun!You can tailor teaching to your child's personal "learning style".Co-Op is AWESOMEDay Trips whenever you want!We can pace work to each specific child's needs. Vacation Days are up to you!No Homework.No Science Fair Projects! No fees on top of fees on top of more fees!No picture day packages that cost a TON!No tuition!!!!No Common Core!No boosters and or fundraisers.Portfolio Assessments instead of yearly testing.No Standardi…

Bucket Lists Can Change

I have been somewhat addicted to Anthony Bourdain shows in the past. I know. He's gritty, crass, unconventional, and very gratifying for me to observe as a culinary mind. He's insightful and open minded about food. He's unapologetic about his opinion, but isn't a Gordon Ramsey type who screams at people or even an Andrew Zimmer type that largely eats bugs, bugs and did I mention bugs?
 The show he does with CNN called Parts Unknown has been particularly amazing for me to watch! I know he is in his 8th season right now, but I just recently started it and am only in season 2. I watched the Spain episode very recently and it has CHANGED my bucket list! Once upon a time my dream vacation spot was ANY place in Malaysia as long as it included an overwater bungalow. 

I mean, come on! That's gorgeous right?!
Right now it's Granada, Spain. Particularly to stay near or in Plaza Nueva. I hear Hotel Anacapri is lovely and would be central to everything. 
Yep. Plaza Nueva! Don&…

My Facebook Burnout

Yep. I have completely burned out from Facebook. 
Ugh... Just thinking about logging on for more than checking in on my daughters Co-Op OR clicking that pesky "Messenger" button to double check that I have not missed any important messages I may have received from anyone who has ignored my pleas to "just text me" makes me want to roll my eyes in disgust. 
What happened? 
I mean, I LOVED Facebook! I enjoyed all the new things I found on my feed "Once Upon A Time"! Recipes, funny memes, informative articles, MORE funny memes, sweet videos of cute animals or children and even the occasional challenging/encouraging status posted by a friend, family member or someone I follow. 
Now? I just can't stomach it for long. It feels like it's all politics, passive aggressive jabs at peoples choices of parenting (and everything else), openly aggressing jabs of the same, click bait links featuring graphic articles about horrible things happening to children and anim…

A diary of sorts...

I don't have a lot of readers. 

It's the truth. 

A fact of life. 
Why would I bother blogging? 

#1. I kinda like it.  I am not really sure when it clicked in my head that blogging was no less enjoyable without readers. If I am honest I used to dislike checking stats and seeing that I had gotten less that 10 reads in a day, but now I am enjoying being creative without that undue pressure. I don't worry about how many times people read anything on here. I sure wish I'd come to this conclusion sooner. It would have been less pressure to write. I think that's ultimately why I stopped blogging all together for a while. Just burned myself out. Sad to think that because I started blogging in 2006 and even deleted all of my content in frustration at one point. *sigh*
#2. Even if no one reads it I enjoy getting my thoughts out. Truth be told I have needed an outlet for a little while. I find myself being a bit of a complainer and think that this blog is helping to reinfor…