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Saturday, April 01, 2017

A diary of sorts...

I don't have a lot of readers. 

It's the truth. 

A fact of life. 

Why would I bother blogging? 


#1. I kinda like it. 
I am not really sure when it clicked in my head that blogging was no less enjoyable without readers. If I am honest I used to dislike checking stats and seeing that I had gotten less that 10 reads in a day, but now I am enjoying being creative without that undue pressure. I don't worry about how many times people read anything on here. I sure wish I'd come to this conclusion sooner. It would have been less pressure to write. I think that's ultimately why I stopped blogging all together for a while. Just burned myself out. Sad to think that because I started blogging in 2006 and even deleted all of my content in frustration at one point. *sigh* 

#2. Even if no one reads it I enjoy getting my thoughts out.
Truth be told I have needed an outlet for a little while. I find myself being a bit of a complainer and think that this blog is helping to reinforce some more positive approaches to my life. I am still unsure how much of my private life I will share, but that it more to my growing disdain for outlets like Facebook and the like. I'll get into all that later. It's WAY too heavy for this post. 

#3. Blogging affords me the opportunity to get creative.
Google images and meme generators are two of the FUNNEST resources the "interwebs" has blessed me with. I take ZERO credit for what I find of course, but how cool is it that I can always discover a new way to communicate a fun point with a picture or gif!

#4. Blogging has connected me to some people & advice that I absolutely adore!
I tend to be rather selective with the websites/blogs I invest myself in. Not because I have stringent standards or anything. I just don't have a whole lot of "sit down and read blogs" kinda time. I am always on the hunt for a blog I can get invested in. My current favorites are Nom Nom PaleoMy Train Of Thought. One is of course a lifestyle blog and the other is the blog of a friend/brother. Both are GREAT! You should check them out! 

YEP. I blog for simple reasons. It's been great. I don't really need readers. I am enjoying my "Diary of Sorts".

Anyway, that's this weeks post. Blessings to you! See you next Saturday. 

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