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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bucket Lists Can Change

I have been somewhat addicted to Anthony Bourdain shows in the past. I know. He's gritty, crass, unconventional, and very gratifying for me to observe as a culinary mind. He's insightful and open minded about food. He's unapologetic about his opinion, but isn't a Gordon Ramsey type who screams at people or even an Andrew Zimmer type that largely eats bugs, bugs and did I mention bugs?

 The show he does with CNN called Parts Unknown has been particularly amazing for me to watch! I know he is in his 8th season right now, but I just recently started it and am only in season 2. I watched the Spain episode very recently and it has CHANGED my bucket list! Once upon a time my dream vacation spot was ANY place in Malaysia as long as it included an overwater bungalow. 

I mean, come on! That's gorgeous right?!

Right now it's Granada, Spain. Particularly to stay near or in Plaza Nueva. I hear Hotel Anacapri is lovely and would be central to everything. 

Yep. Plaza Nueva! Don't know what Plaza Nueva is? Seriously.... go to Netflix RIGHT NOW and watch Season 2 Episode 2 of Parts Unknown. I'll wait. 

Ok. You're back. Thanks for checking that out. Aside from the bull fighting I really enjoyed that episode! Did you? I hope so! Anyway, now you see why I so badly want to go to Spain! I would go anywhere in Spain, but Granada is one of the last cities to truly have Tapas. 

What are Tapas you ask?
They are a small dish of food served with the purchase of a drink. You eat them standing as a pre meal nibble. 

Yep. That's right. The truth comes out. It's all about the food for me. 

 If you didn't know already in Granada there are places where you purchase a drink and you get your individual serving of food FREE. 

Yep. My mind was BLOWN. There are so many exciting ramifications to this! Most importantly however is the variety of new things I could presumably try for the 1st time! GAH!!! I would love it!

THAT is why Granada in Spain is at the top of my Bucket List now. 

SOMEDAY. I will go. 


What is your #1 Bucket List item?

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