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Saturday, April 08, 2017

My Facebook Burnout

Yep. I have completely burned out from Facebook. 

Ugh... Just thinking about logging on for more than checking in on my daughters Co-Op OR clicking that pesky "Messenger" button to double check that I have not missed any important messages I may have received from anyone who has ignored my pleas to "just text me" makes me want to roll my eyes in disgust. 

What happened? 

I mean, I LOVED Facebook! I enjoyed all the new things I found on my feed "Once Upon A Time"! Recipes, funny memes, informative articles, MORE funny memes, sweet videos of cute animals or children and even the occasional challenging/encouraging status posted by a friend, family member or someone I follow. 

Now? I just can't stomach it for long. It feels like it's all politics, passive aggressive jabs at peoples choices of parenting (and everything else), openly aggressing jabs of the same, click bait links featuring graphic articles about horrible things happening to children and animals and ads for the sale of new MUST HAVE products. Sprinkle in the pyramid schemes, "join my business" pitches and "Host A Party Now" private messages and I am DONE. Yes, I like some of these companies, but feeling like my Facebook feed is little more than an ongoing advertisement has shortened my tolerance for more than a few minutes of scrolling. Not to mention the CONSTANT game requests and invites. Seriously, if I see another FarmVille request I will kick my computer and or spike my phone like a football

Have I cleaned out my likes, follows and friends list? Why yes. I have, but it's done little to help me. At this point I think my only solution is a COLD TURKEY Facebook break. 

So... that's exactly what I did. I started February 10th and have enjoyed the break (outside of checking in on the 2 exceptions listed above). All until a couple of weeks ago when my cell phone DIED and I checked in more frequently as it's my most universal outlet of contact. *que the ugly cry*

Once the new phone was back in my life however, I went back to my break! HALLELUJAH! 

So now I need to figure out what I should do. Do I keep the Facebook account that has both kept me in touch with family & friends AND annoyed me to what feels like NO END or just delete it? No idea. 

(Side Note: I say this ALL THE TIME. No really!)

Yeah. I am on the fence with this one. Facebook is great when it's great and AWFUL when it isn't. I've got some considering of my situation to do. 


Wish me luck. 

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