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How was Costa Rica?! Part 2

This is a continuation of my last post.

Day 6

We had to get up fairly early and get our bags packed before heading off to breakfast. On this day we headed to the Arenal Volcano National Park. We did make one stop on the way to look at a beautiful lake that used to be a town. From what I understand there was an eruption from the volcano years ago and the town was moved due to risk. They created this lake and are now utilizing it to power the area via hydroelectricity. 

The park was amazing. Lots of walking and sightseeing. It was a nature trail that leads all the way up to the lava path of one of the eruptions of the Arenal Volcano in 1992. It was spectacular to walk amongst the lava rock that once was molten lava going down the mountain! It was a little bit difficult to take this walk with the girls because they got tired, but it was great. I'm glad we all were able to experience it together.

After much sweating and struggling up the lava rock path we are rewarded with a beautiful view.

We ran into several termite nests.

This tree was gorgeous. I wanted to get a family portrait in front of it, but Jonathan didn't want to go near it for fear of poisonous snakes. Apparently they were very common here. I can't say that I argued with him.

After we left the park we got back in the car and were rewarded with a fairly quick commute back to Daniel's house. It was less than three hours, but we did get to experience major traffic in Costa Rica. While we have become a bit
 accustomed to traffic we were  shocked to see how bad it can be  here. You see,  there are no real traffic laws on the roads here. Believe me and if you ever come to Costa Rica you're in for a shock. The way they drive here is insane. We got to the house and enjoyed some appetizers and wine. I also could try an amazing beer from Belgium. It tastes a lot like Cognac or maybe it was Whiskey. I can't say that I'm sure. I don't really drink a lot of hard liquor. Anyway, after traffic hour was over Daniel's dad with whom we are staying in Moravia came to pick this up. We got back to the house, showered and went straight to bed.

Day 7
The day started out quietly. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.

Elena and Jonathan spent a while in the dining room of Jonathan's grandmother's house working while Allee and I took a walk with Jonathan's aunt to the pharmacy.

Poor Allee got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes while here and while they didn't really itch I wanted to deal with them so we got some calamine lotion. Poor Jonathan also got inundated with bites. Ironically enough Elena and I haven't gotten more than a couple of bites each. And yes if you're asking I did put mosquito repellent on Allee, but Jonathan of course refused to put any on. I should probably have been more insistent.

I covered Allee in Calamine Lotion and put her in bed after we left Jonathan's grandmother. It was a very easy going day.

I am happy to report that this day as well as Day 8 were full of doing NOTHING. It was truly glorious!

I barely took pictures on the 8th day. Elena did homework, Jonathan worked and Allee played. It was nice and quiet at Jonathan's grandparents house.

Once the MASSIVE rains started we had some coffee and waited it out before heading to Jonathan's aunts for bed.

Day 9
So.... our bed broke. Yeah.... I laid down at the foot of it and the box spring cracked. Ugh.

 I am so embarrassed that we broke a bed. Obviously I now feel like I weigh 700 lbs and am super frustrated with myself for getting big enough to break a bed. Never mind that it was like 40 years old and incredibly rickety.


Anyway, we went to Jonathan's grandmothers house and we relaxed. 

We did go to the mall. While we got a ride there we did walk back.

 The last few days of this trip have been pretty chill. We did have the option of going to the beach, but another long trip in a hot car might have KILLED ME.

We ended the night with watching Allee and Jonathan's aunts play musical chairs. It was cute.

Day 10
We definitely slept in the next morning. It was nice. We usually got up pretty early in Costa Rica because it's light by 5 a.m. and people have no concept of being quite outside of homes. There are vendors selling eggs in cars driving down the street yelling through a megaphone there are always motorcycles and cars that speed down the small streets too. Honestly, there's no way to sleep in so I'm not really sure how we did it.

We spent the first part of the day having brunch at Jonathan's grandmother's. After we went to the park a bit and stopped by Misky to see Jonathan's cousin Pablo to finalize our plans for that evening. It was Elena's 10th birthday. Since she is the typical pre pre preteen she wanted to go to the mall. So they took us to the largest mall in Costa Rica. I believe it is considered the largest mall in Central America. MultiPlaza I think was the name. Not sure. While it does bring a lot of great jobs for people in Costa Rica it also brings a lot of consumerism which can be dangerous for a country that doesn't have a good concept of not getting into credit card debt.

Anyway, we went to the mall and enjoyed a nice walk around before heading off to Pablo's brother in law's restaurant. It was a Peruvian place called Tumi's House in Tibas and it was phenomenal!

(Jonathan and I shared this seafood dish. It was our anniversary meal.)

After that we went to Pablo's house and the guys played Mortal Kombat while us girls dozed off on the couch. Think we wound up going back to Jonathan aunts house at 12:30 in the morning. Jonathan kept beating his cousins in Mortal Kombat and I guess they just gave up on trying to win. It was pretty funny.

Day 11
The next day started the same as any other with fruit salad at Jonathan's uncle's with a little birthday song & gift surprise for Elena and then our usual traditional Costa Rican breakfast Jonathan's grandmother's.

After breakfast Pablo's wife Annie took Elena and I to San Jose to get Elena some materials to make bracelets. It was such a cool spot. 

When we got back we enjoyed a quiet afternoon and in the early evening we headed with the youngest cousin Nicol to the park & mall because we needed to get Elena out of the house. We stopped my a place called Crepissima. It was Crepe & Nutella stand. AMAZING!!!

Her gift from Daddy. A creeper from Minecraft.

(pardon the spelling error)

Apparently, the family had been planning a surprise birthday for her for months! We got back to the house around 7:45 that evening and there was a great big party waiting for her. At first, she did not realize the party was for her. Once I was able to tell her though she got into it and really enjoyed herself.

 Everyone enjoyed themselves to almost 11 at night. At that point the guys headed over to pavo's house to play more Mortal Kombat and the women stayed at the party site to enjoy some chatting around the table. Bedtime came shortly after.

Day 12
This is the day we actually left Costa Rica. We got up earlier than usual so that I could pack everyones bags before we headed down to have our fruit and then breakfast at the other house. Once we arrived for the main breakfast at Jonathan's grandparents house we all started getting a bit sad about leaving. Elena was really sad. She sort of moped everywhere she went. Poor girl.

We were all pretty sad. Elena was the most forthcoming with it, but I could tell even little Allee was feeling it. She realized that we were leaving behind her great grandmother "Abuela" and really didn't want to do that. She tried convincing as few times that we should take Abuela that with us on the flight. Unfortunately, Abuela is 93 years old and is no longer able to travel. I would have loved to take her with us as well. She was so delightful.

At about a quarter to 11 we had to say goodbye to everyone and head back to Jonathan's aunt and uncle's house to pick up our bags and load up the car. It took a while to say goodbye because we took pictures, but once we did walk away from the house it was so bittersweet because Jonathan's 96 year old grandfather stood on the porch and watched us walk away while waving. It was a bit of a tearjerker. He was emotional for sure.

When we got back to Jonathan's uncle's house we did the same thing. More pictures with family. We didn't expect to see Pablo and his wife Annie before leaving, but they showed up to see us off. It was really nice.

The drive to San Jose was okay, except for the heat and traffic. Of course Costa Rica is full of traffic all the time so this didn't seem too strange.

We got on our flight rather easily and headed to Atlanta. Only problem with it was that the pilots got stuck in traffic and we were delayed by an hour. By the time we took off we knew we were going to miss our connector flight to WV. We arrived at the airport we had also missed the last flight of the night to WV by five minutes. We stayed the night at Jonathan's dad's house in Atlanta and then wound up staying an extra day until a flight opened up for us.

 Ultimately after 15 days away we wound up getting home to West Virginia. I have to say it's nice to be home, but we miss the wonderful family that we got to spend some great time with. I really hope to go to Costa Rica again soon.

Welp, that was my trip to Costa Rica! Hope you enjoyed this blog!



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