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Meet My Pets

I am currently in Costa Rica. Yep! Pretty excited! In a couple of weeks upon my return I'll post on how my trip went! 

 Until then I'd like to introduce you to the 3 furry loves of my life. Well, my two furry loves and our dog Tucker whom I love on some days and can't stand on others. Let's just say that I am a diehard cat person.

This is Misty. She is my BEAUTIFUL princess! We adopted her on December 23, 2013. We were visiting Jonathan's aunt in Tennessee and she showed us this cat that she had rescued from a Subway the year before. Mind you she is known for rescuing MANY animals. It's not unheard of for her to open her car door on the drive home from work to pick up a stray. It's what she did with Misty. She went to Subway to pick up sandwiches for dinner and saw this skinny cat outside. She ordered her subs and before leaving asked if the cat belonged to anyone. They said, "No. She is a stray." She decided right then to take her home. They were VERY excited. She got into her car and opened the passenger door. When she called the kitty, Misty just hopped right in and they headed straight to a vet. 1 year later she was a very fat cat. Lol. Jonathan mentioned that after our move in August of that same year I'd started mentioning wanting another cat. I had gone through a stretch for a few years of not wanting a cat again. I'd had one for 5 years that didn't end well. Anyway, His aunt said this particular kitty was the perfect match for me. She was NOT wrong!

These are blurry pictures. Sorry 'bout that!

Misty was pretty comfortable with Elena. They just hung out one the couch and watched TV.

Here we are! A match made in Heaven!!! She is ALWAYS on me. She is pushing 20 lbs and prefers to sleep on my chest. 

I love her SO MUCH!

This really should be my car.


Anyway, moving on in order of when we added our fur babies to our family.

This is Tucker. 

Here he is at the Shelter the day we adopted him. 

Tucker came to be ours on June 3, 2014. My hubby wanted a dog and waited patiently to get one until he felt we were settled in our new home and financially ready for the responsibility. Tucker is a good boy. He has some nervous habits, but I suppose that is due to past abuse. I don't think he had a great life before we took him in. Apparently he was a rescue, but was returned to the Humane Society 2 or 3 times before we adopted him 3 years ago. Poor guy. He tends to tinkle on the floor every time we have guests over. I clean a LOT of Tucker Pee. *rolls eyes* Yeah. It's irritating. Add that to my not being much of a dog person and he just isn't my favorite pet. Don't hate me for not being obsessed. I am a cat lady after all!

He has fattened up quite a bit since this was taken!

He is a "swimmer".

Tucker always looks like he is feeling guilty. This moment however, he actually was. This WAS Allee's little Mickey Mouse couch. It quickly was dubbed the pet bed. 

Here he is with my girls on Halloween 2016 dressed as a pumpkin. My moms dog Yoga is also pictured here. I can't stand her dog. More on that later.  

Moving on...

This is Winter Cocoa. 

We adopted her December 22, 2016. We got her as a Christmas gift for Elena. While Winter is "technically" Elena's I do all of the taking care of her needs. Yes, we did start out with Elena doing it, but that didn't stick. *sigh* 

Winter has "chosen" Jonathan as her human. She sleeps as his feet and follows him around. He isn't thrilled. 

Here she is today.

She is spoiled rotten. 

So there you have it. Our pets! 

What pets do you have at home? 

Hoping you have a great day! See you next Saturday with an all new post!


This post was another brain child of my daughter Elena. Thank you Elena! 


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