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So close I can taste it!!

I drop off Elena's 4th grade homeschool portfolio for evaluation on Tuesday! 
I am so glad that the school year is so close to finally being over! 
I'm almost FREE!
My BFF Bekah who is also homeschooling will drop off her portfolio that same morning so we plan on heading to Dunkin to grab coffee & donuts as a freedom from school celebration. I can hardly wait!

Here is a small glimpse of her portfolio. 

So excited!!!!

I can't tell you how excited I am for this. Not much else to report today. Just my anticipation. Hoping you are all well.




Last week I counseled at my first summer camp ever!  I have been to this camp before, but never as a counselor. I embarked on my maiden voyage with my churches Children's Director and ten 3rd-5th graders. Jonathan, my mom and grandmother were home with Allee so I felt like everything at home would be just fine. I just needed to keep cool. I have never left Allee home like this before. 

How was Camp Cowen you ask?

It was a blast! So glad I got to go! Here are the highlights!

My cabin had 12 girls in it. Two are not pictured here. Not sure why. I think they opted to not join our nightly dance party.

Traditionally you can send mail to campers. My girl (in pink) had to dance for her mail. Too funny!

Here is the group we brought from our church.

This is the main area where we enjoyed free time. So beautiful here!

My favorite place at Camp Cowen is the outdoor Vespers area. It's so tranquil. Vespers is always held in the evenings and the children are expected to not talk when the…

I have made my decision.

I have finally made a decision that I resisted making for a good bit of time, but now feel pretty confident about. 
I will NOT homeschool next year. 

If you read my post about my PROs & CONs of Homeschooling you'll see that I was already grappling with this particular choice. 
It was a difficult conclusion to come to because Elena going back to school means that I will need to also enroll Allee. This of course means that I will need to start working full time again to be able to afford tuition. 

I just hope it isn't too high
I could send my girls to public school, but Hubby and I are pretty set on skipping that particular option. At least for the elementary years. Things could change in middle & high school. Who knows. Never say never. Right?
Now my dilemma is what to do for work. I am hoping I don't have to work retail again. That was awful, but I will do it if needed. I also managed a restaurant. That was fun, but very pressure filled. I really have no clue what I wi…

Vacation after a Vacation

Do you ever feel so tired after vacation that you need a vacation?
LOL. Yep. I am totally there right now. 

I mean, we've been back like 2 weeks. I should be recovered right?!

There aren't words for the crap ton of stuff I need to finish doing. I washed, organized and put away all of our stuff now that we are home, but I also spent this week getting ready for camp as well as last minute homeschooling. 

Ugh... I need to get my life together. There's that and.... 

Hitting the gym like 3-4 times a week whilst eating Whole30 and burning a reasonable amount of calories to cut down on the bread induced spare tire around my waist. 

This is real life people. I have a problem. BREAD is my achilles heal. There was SO MUCH FRESH BREAD in Costa Rica! 

Yes. There was plenty of fresh fruit and coffee too, but THE BREAD!!! Hubby's aunt bakes the most beautiful bread I have ever consumed. Seriously. EVER.
Ok. I need to calm down. 

So yeah it's been a long two weeks since vacation. If I sur…