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I'll be headed to Chicago with my hubby, youngest daughter and a group of our students from church tomorrow. I was going to be at Family Camp, but since I just spent a week at Cowen I think that it would be much better to go with our youth group on this trip. 

I'm excited!

I was a little sad that I wasn't going to go to Family Camp, but once I figured out what our itinerary was going to be in Chicago I quickly felt a ton better. We'll be taking two Big Bus Tours as well as a Night Tour going to Millennium Park to hopefully see The Cloud Gate/The Bean, Crown Gate fountain and the Navy Pier. Maybe I can talk someone into riding the 150 ft Ferris Wheel with me. We're also supposed to be going to North Avenue Beach for a day. We'll be taking the kids to Six Flags one day as well which I am not super excited about since I don't really like roller coasters. 

I am hoping to see the Sky Deck though! 

There is a LOT to be excited about!!!

I'll have to fill you in on …

Enjoying my last days...

Of being a stay-at-home mom that is.
 I'm interviewing for a job in a few days and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it. Which means I will be working soon. It'll be my first full-time job in 10 years. I'm both nervous and excited.
Nervous because it's been so long. I mean, I know I will be capable of a job once I am trained. I just feel really nervous. I'm the anxious type anyway so it's not surprising I feel this way. I also tend to get nervous about little things like the fact that most of my clothes don't fit me as comfortably as I would like for a desk job because I've gained weight. 😐

I'm also a little bit worried because of my stinking back pain. It's constant and it doesn't stop. I have two herniated discs in my L4 & L5. Sitting at a desk 8 hours a day may not be the easiest thing on my lower back area. Got any tips for ways I can avoid back pain in the workplace during the course of the day? Seriously, any tips would be gre…