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My 1st week at my NEW JOB!!

Guys I got the job!!!

I am so excited I can't even begin to express it! I'm paying for my girls to be able to go to school and I'm contributing towards bills and it feels wonderful!! I know that as a stay-at-home mom I contributed a lot to my family dynamic, but there's something about being able to give financially towards expenses that feels amazing! 

Anyway, my first week passed and I can't tell you how great it was. The first three days I was training and would have to say that while I had what I feel like we're "training wheels" I was able to glean a lot of information from the person training me. By the fourth day she sort of did the 50/50 of letting me work by myself and assisting me. By day 5 she had gone out of town and I was working by myself! I can't tell you how awesome it felt to be able to sit at my desk and do the job that I was trained to do within 5 days AND feel like I was doing it well. It's a great feeling.

It also doesn't hurt that my very first weekend turned out to be Labor Day weekend which meant I had four solid days off. I go back on Tuesday morning and I honestly can say that I can't wait! Not just because of my job, but because I know my girls are in a great place because they're attending an amazing school. Little Allee loves preschool!!! She has been thriving and let me tell you I am so glad that I've gone back to work so that my girls can attend a school that they both love. I makes "The 9-5 Grind" so worth it.

I know what you're thinking. Eventually I'm going to tire of this newfound job high. Well yeah. You're probably right. It'll just become work and I will dread it. Yes, that generally does happen to people who work full time.  I gotta tell you though.  I'm so intentionally focused on how grateful I am for the opportunity to be able to go back to work, to have a change of scenery and do something really productive to help contribute toward my family that I think the feeling is a bit removed from my vantage point. 

I also see how very ready I was to return to work after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. I needed to be outside of the home with other adults interacting in a way that doesn't have anything to do with me as "Mom". I do miss being with the girls as much as I was before, but even that is not as bad as I thought it would be because of how happy and fulfilled I am about what school is accomplishing for them on a daily basis. I think summer will be a little bit harder to deal with because they will be home all day and I'll be at work all day. I just need to remember to think about the here and now. I'm just going to try to soak in the great feelings while they are still there. Trying to keep things in perspective is hard enough with my typically anxious and worrisome tendencies. I don't want to "sour" things sooner than they might wind up being "soured". Know what I mean?

Even if you don't, I do. In my own kooky way. 

So yeah... 1st week of work was great. It was also the girls 1st week of school. They had a great time! Here are a couple of pictures. 

Also, I will be blogging a bit less that every Saturday. It will likely be more like every other Saturday. I try to use Saturdays as a strictly rest/family day and it doesn't always lend itself to blogging. Hence the random Monday post this time around. Since I am not in this blogging game for views it won't matter, but it's a heads up to anyone reading. 

Welp, hoping you are all having a great day. I really need to get some housework done and things ready for the school week. 



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